Zero to 360-Degree Streaming in Minutes: A Demo

October 13, 2016 by

360 degree image

Virtual reality and 360-degree streaming continue to garner a lot of attention. Being able to provide viewers a vantage point from inside the action offers great potential for user engagement.

Thinking that’s beyond your expertise, it sounds expensive, or your system might not support it? Well, not so fast. The accessibility of 360-degree streaming is broader than ever, and getting even more so every day.

To see how easy 360-degree streaming can be, take a few minutes to follow these easy steps to set up you own 360-degree live stream.


Getting Started—What You’ll Need:

  • An iOS or Android smartphone,
  • A Wowza Streaming Cloud trial or paid account,
  • A computer with an Internet connection, and
  • Well…nothing else.


Step 1:  Using your smartphone, download and install the NexPlayer 360 mobile player application for Android or iOS.


Step 2:  Log into your Wowza Streaming Cloud account at


Step 3: From the top navigation bar, within the Live Streams menu, select + Add Live Stream.


Step 4: Type a stream name and select a region for a Wowza server instance. It is best practice to select an instance closest to the source. For this example, since we will be providing you with a live input, performance will be best if you choose an instance in the central or western United States that has the 4K indicator in the lower-right corner. Then click Next.


Step 5: You should now be in the Video Source and Transcoder Settings view.  At the bottom of the list of selections select the Other RTMP source and Pull Stream.


Step 6: Since you may not have a 360-degree camera rig, we’re providing you with a live 360-degree video stream. Paste the URL in the source URL field and click Next.


Step 7: Set the width of the player to Responsive and click Next.


Step 8: Click Next again to get to the Review Settings view, then click Finish to complete the stream setup.


Step 9:  Click the green Start Live Stream button to begin streaming the 360-degree video and acknowledge that you want to start streaming.


Step 10:  Once your stream has started, you’ll see the direct playback URLs at the bottom of the page.

You will need to paste one of these stream URLs as the stream you wish to play in the player you installed on your smartphone. We recommend the Apple HLS URL. Open the player on your smartphone and play the stream from your URL. It is usually easiest to email the URL to yourself and paste it into the application.

Once you start playing the stream on your phone, move it around, side to side, up, down. You’re now taking a mountain-bike trail ride in beautiful Colorado thanks to our friends at Giroptic and our VP of engineering, Barry Owen.


Chances are it took me significantly longer to type this tutorial than it took you to set up your very own 360-degree stream.


Want to learn more? Check out Wowza solutions for virtual reality and 360-degree streaming.