Announcing: Browser-Based Live Streaming Powered by WebRTC

April 21, 2020 by
Title Image: Announcing Browser-Based Live Streaming Powered by WebRTC


Streaming with Wowza just got easier. As part of our continued effort to simplify live video broadcasting, we’re excited to bring you the ability to start streaming in seconds with Wowza Streaming Cloud.

Our enhanced live stream workflow and the new WebRTC publishing page delivers simple end-to-end broadcasting to any destination — without the need for an encoder. The end result? You’re able to deploy live streams to thousands in just a few clicks.



The enhanced workflow lets you:

  • Publish a live stream to any destination in minutes. Seamlessly broadcast live streams to thousands of viewers using only your web browser.
  • Start streaming immediately. Eliminate the need for additional equipment by leveraging our end-to-end workflow. The flexible WebRTC publishing page can be used with Chrome and Safari, via both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Take control of advanced settings. Quickly configure audio/video codecs, audio/video bitrate, frame rate, and resolution for full control over your live stream — or just stick with the default settings and go live in a snap.

Take a look at the WebRTC publishing page in Wowza Streaming Cloud to get started.


Start Streaming in Seconds

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Check out our documentation to learn more about connecting a WebRTC stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud.

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