Frost Radar Report Names Wowza a Leader

Live Stream to Massive Audiences Instantly and Sell Access to Your Games or Events!

The Frost Radar from Frost & Sullivan is renowned across multiple industries for monitoring promising trends and identifying companies best positioned to make the most of them. Using methodology that measures organizations’ innovativeness and ability to turn said innovation into growth, the Frost Radar analyzes companies based on their market share, revenue, vision, scalability, and other growth index elements.

We are excited to share that Frost Radar has identified Wowza as a leader in the global Enterprise Video Platform industry. Download the report to learn what Frost & Sullivan saw in Wowza and how we distinguish ourselves from other enterprise video platforms.


Wowza Does LIVE Like No Other

Engage Your Audience

Low Latency Real-Time Events

Stream immersive video experiences to global audiences.


Corporate Events

Use live streams or VOD training platforms to connect with and support your team or company events. 

Grow Your Revenue

Betting & Auctions

Ensure a time-synchronized experience for your live commerce and auction streams. 


Channel Growth

Expand your audience, build new revenue streams, and make the most of your content.


Smart Cities

Stream audio and visual data from various devices for surveillance, monitoring, and more.


Embedded Streaming

Build scalable streaming into your application or platform and increase user engagement across devices. 

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What Frost & Sullivan Says About Wowza


Feature-Rich and Builder-Friendly

Wowza's platform is highly customizable and streamlined, empowering businesses with live streaming, VOD, ultra-low latency, content management system (CMS), content delivery network (CDN), native player (Flowplayer), and analytics.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Wowza makes efforts to reduce carbon emissions with AMD computing that makes transcoding and video compression more efficient. Plus, we leverage AI to enhance metadata, eCommerce applications, and other features.


Flexible and Scalable

Don't worry about sudden spikes in viewership overloading your system. You want to welcome these increases, so Wowza's infrastructure is built to dynamically scale and maintain a seamless viewer experience.

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