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WebRTC Video Streaming

Enable real-time communications directly from your browser.

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What Is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free, open framework that enables real-time communications through web browsers, without requiring any additional encoders or plug-ins.

With WebRTC, you can embed real-time video directly into your browser-based solution to create an engaging and interactive streaming experience. From telehealth solutions to gaming apps, users can actively participate in immersive video-based environments without being concerned about latency.

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Going Beyond Standard WebRTC

Traditionally used for one-to-one video chat, Wowza’s WebRTC video streaming platform allows you to stream WebRTC end-to-end or convert the streaming format for large-scale broadcasts. We also provide the resources to build with confidence.

What benefit does WebRTC’s open framework provide if you can’t figure out how to build from it? Wowza’s testing and publishing tools, documentation, APIs, and GitHub repositories provide everything you need to ease the process. From recording to authentication, we designed our robust and customizable features and modules to help you build an interactive streaming solution in a snap.

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Simple Browser-Based Streaming

With Wowza Streaming Cloud you will be able to easily capture WebRTC streams from any browser and broadcast to any destination.

Customize WebRTC’s Capabilities

WebRTC powered by Wowza Streaming Engine allows you to transcode, restream, and enhance WebRTC’s capabilities in powerful ways.

Use Cases

Remote Emergency

Real-time and reliability become vital when just a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. From law enforcement bodycams to security and surveillance ecosystems, organizations are using Wowza’s WebRTC video streaming solution to ingest video from mobile browsers and IP cameras and broadcast streams to a small audience with sub-one-second latency.


Whether you need to support real-time interactivity or broadcasting at scale, Wowza’s WebRTC live streaming solution can be customized to your needs. Organizations in industries ranging from retail to gaming rely on Wowza-powered WebRTC for browser-based ingest, low-latency, and large-scale video distribution.


Retail, sports betting, and auctions all need to broadcast at scale with very low latency. Wowza’s WebRTC video streaming solution enables ingest from cameras and encoders coupled with browser-based playback — so viewers have the ability to directly influence content in real time.

WebRTC Video Streaming With Wowza

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