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WebRTC Streaming

Build your own scalable and plug-in free video conference solution.


What Is WebRTC?


WebRTC is a free open project that enables real-time group and peer-to-peer communications through web browsers, without requiring any additional encoders or plug-ins.

It allows software engineers and developers to build interactive live video directly into browser-based solutions, enabling people in different parts of the world to talk to each other in real time or with low latency from their web interface.

Powering WebRTC With Wowza

Go beyond peer-to-peer using just your browser and Wowza.

With Wowza, you’ll be able to encode, transcode and enhance WebRTC’s capabilities in powerful ways.

Scale Beyond Peer-to-Peer Communications

Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Cloud

computer live stream - webrtc browser-encoded

Browser-Encoded Streaming Made Simple


Using only a web browser and Wowza Streaming Engine technology, users can generate, record and deliver low-latency, browser-encoded WebRTC streams—without the need for additional encoders or plug-ins.

webrtc low latency

Going Beyond Peer-to-Peer Communications


Using Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Steaming Cloud with WebRTC gives users the ability to scale beyond one-to-one or one-to few connections and distribute to audiences of any size.


  • Scaling Your Streams: Best for one-to-many or few-to-many broadcasts.
  • Scaling Your Streams With Low Latency: Best for one-to-many or few-to-many broadcasts where low latency is a necessity.
  • Learn more about WebRTC workflows

webrtc multi party video conferencing

Bandwidth-Optimized Video Conferencing


Easily set up multi-party video conferencing by using WebRTC and Wowza Streaming Engine. Wowza Streaming Engine enables multi-person low-latency sessions while optimizing bandwidth by minimizing the number of connections each client must establish and maintain.


Conventional out-of-the-box WebRTC solutions require each client to establish and maintain separate connections with every other participant in a complicated network where the bandwidth load increases exponentially as each additional participant is added. With Wowza Streaming Engine, each participant only needs to send a single stream, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption.

Wowza Streaming Engine WebRTC Capabilities

VP8/VP9 Video and Vorbis/Opus Audio Codec Support WebRTC Capability

VP8/VP9 Video and Vorbis/Opus Audio Codec Support

Recording transcoded streams in H.264/AAC MP4 format WebRTC Capability

Recording of Transcoded Streams in H.264/AAC MP4 Format

Input and Output of VP8/VP9, Vorbis, and Opus via RTSP/RTP WebRTC Capability

Input and Output of VP8/VP9, Vorbis, and Opus via RTSP/RTP

WebRTC Session Description Protocol (SDP) WebRTC Capability

WebRTC Session Description Protocol (SDP)

TCP supported for lower latency, more stable streams WebRTC Capability

TCP Support

Generic Command Implementation Toolset WebRTC Capability

Generic Command Implementation

How WebRTC Works

Is WebRTC With Wowza Streaming Engine Right For You?

Great for:

  • Group video conferencing
  • Communication between native browsers
  • Real-time interactivity between a smaller audience
  • Scaling peer-to-peer communication to a mass audience
  • Optimizing bandwidth for multi-person low-latency sessions

May not be a good fit for:

  • Chat services
  • Multi-player gaming
  • Traditional broadcast-quality streaming
  • Live repeater (origin/edge) configuration