IBC2012 Preview

Wowza Media Systems at IBC2012:
At IBC2012, Wowza® unveils the newest enhancements to its multi-award-winning media server software. The latest showcase demonstrates Wowza’s ongoing commitment to industrial-strength streaming media delivery by further streamlining the any-screen media workflow and reducing the expenses that result from a multitude of client-specific platforms, adaptive bitrate technologies, and fragmented media players. Wowza Media Server® software’s added functionality offers greater scalability, deeper viewer engagement, and more content protection options, with specific enhancements including closed captioning, multicast for Microsoft® Silverlight®, and dynamic overlays. Wowza enables its customers to future-proof their streaming media infrastructures, enhance the end-user viewing experience, increase viewer engagement, and compete in an ever crowded and evolving market. In addition, Wowza offers a rich suite of free and premium AddOns, and a variety of licensing options: daily, monthly, or perpetual. There are even cloud options on Amazon Web Services™ and, coming soon, Windows Azure™ to get content producers up and running even more quickly. Wowza customers will have multiple tools to streamline their any-screen media workflows as part of prebuilt, preconfigured, and ready-to-consume services that dynamically scale to meet their needs.

“We’re happy to announce exciting innovations to Wowza Media Server software that address customer needs, making it easier and more affordable for our clients to provide a rich user experience, whether they are streaming catch-up TV services or live audio. At IBC2012, we will demonstrate our continued leadership in the media server market with new ways to secure content, VOD transcoding, multicast for Microsoft Silverlight, dynamic overlays, HTTP origin for caching networks, and more in Wowza Media Server. These improvements provide deeper viewer engagement, greater opportunity for monetization, streamlined workflows, and increased scalability — all aimed at future-proofing our customers’ IP video delivery strategies.” — Dave Stubenvoll, Wowza Media Systems CEO and cofounder

New From Wowza at IBC2012:

Wowza Media Server Refinements
The latest version of Wowza Media Server® software includes refinements to the Network DVR™ (nDVR) AddOn, an audio-only option for the Wowza Transcoder™ AddOn, dynamic overlays, additional content protection options, multicast, and more — all aimed at making Internet streaming cost-effective for the broadcaster while further improving the experience for the viewer. The software continues to offer the broadest any-screen coverage including Adobe® Flash® and Microsoft® Silverlight®-capable computers, tablets, phones, set-top boxes, media players, and game consoles; Apple® iPhone®/iPad® and other HLS-capable devices such as Apple TV® with AirPlay®; Android™ devices; Roku™ media players; and Internet-connected TVs; and more. With Wowza AddOns, the media server becomes a full-fledged streaming media infrastructure helping users drive revenue-generating services and simplify workflows.

Capabilities of the Latest Wowza Media Server Include:
• Any screen delivery with standard Wowza Media Server. Live or video-on-demand content simultaneously delivered to every supported client
• Integrated live adaptive bitrate (ABR) transcoding enabled by Wowza Transcoder AddOn
• Time-shifted delivery of live streams with Wowza nDVR AddOn
• Audio-only option for Wowza Transcoder AddOn
• Dynamic overlays
• Support for multiple studio-approved DRM platforms
• Unconstrained per-server capacity with no CPU core limitations
• Flexible and cost-effective licensing options for any application and budget
• Multicast for Microsoft Silverlight
• Closed-captioning support — CEA-608 caption insertion for live streaming
• HTTP Origin
• Support for MPEG-DASH
• Additional cloud options on Amazon Web Services™

Wowza Media Server Premium AddOns:

• Wowza Transcoder™ AddOn allows the server to accept an incoming live stream in MPEG-2 or H.264 format and re-encode the stream in real time for single or adaptive bitrate delivery. Radio stations and other users can significantly lower costs by choosing Wowza Transcoder AddOn’s Audio-Only Option when using the Wowza Transcoder AddOn with streams that do not contain video.

• Wowza nDVR™ AddOn creates a single content cache for time shifting of live streams accessed by end users viewing via Adobe Flash HTTP Dynamic Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) clients. This reduces the on-server storage and setup complexity. Wowza licensees can now deliver live linear streams as time-shifted services to any screen — capabilities that have been shown to increase both viewer engagement and revenues. The Wowza nDVR also supports trick-play features such as live-stream pause, rewind, and resume, and enables content publishers and service providers to develop the kind of premium catch-up TV services that both enhance and individualize the viewer experience.

• Wowza DRM™ AddOn facilitates integration with various digital rights management platforms to deliver on-the-fly encryption for live and video-on-demand content to any screen. Wowza DRM AddOn provides simultaneous secure key exchange for multiple DRM platforms and key management services, including Verimatrix VCAS™, Microsoft ®PlayReady®, EZDRM™, and BuyDRM™. Individual live or on-demand content is encrypted on-the-fly for HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming for delivery to viewers on a wide range of devices including set-top boxes, connected TVs, smartphones, and tablets. It also applies to any-screen adaptive bitrate streaming, which is ideal for closed-network scenarios in environments such as hotels and trains. Wowza DRM AddOn can help users up-sell content for OTT premium services and cross-sell content for multidevice distribution.

Meet With Wowza at IBC2012
Journalists interested in setting up a meeting with Wowza at IBC2012, please contact Rachel Dwyer at +1 (801) 255-0595 or rachel@ingearpr.com.

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About Wowza Media Systems:
Wowza Media Systems, LLC (www.wowza.com) is the “Any Screen Done Right®” media server software company delivering an industrial-strength, future-proof infrastructure for streaming live video, video-on-demand, live recording, and audio/video chat. Wowza® has a singular focus on delivering high-performance media server software to service providers, media properties, enterprises, and other organizations serious about delivering video to any digital screen — computers, tablets, mobile devices and IPTV/OTT endpoints. More than 120,000 global licensees in entertainment, social media, advertising, enterprise, education, government, and Internet commerce have used Wowza Media Server software to date. Wowza is privately held with headquarters in Evergreen, Colo.

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