Best Practices For Multi-Screen Video Delivery, On-Demand Webinar

Learn best practices for creating multi-screen profiles, device detection, multi-format delivery, customization by device type and learn about the new economics of multi-screen delivery.

Speakers include:

  • Chris Knowlton, Wowza Media Systems
  • Mike Barros, Cisco Systems
  • Peter Forman, Haivision
  • Brian Weeks, Mirror Image Internet


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The webinar covers best practices for:

  • Ingesting and encoding video for multi-format delivery
  • Defining your multi-screen profiles
  • Delivering video and live streams directly to a CDN
  • Guarding against link sharing to protect streams
  • Delivering the right content to each screen based on device and location
  • Business rationale for multi-screen delivery for service providers, content providers and aggregators today