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Live-Event-Based Pricing Plans

Go live with Wowza Streaming Cloud pricing plans built for live event streaming. Choose the right plan for you based on your streaming frequency and viewership. All plans provide unparalleled control and flexibility—with superb reliability.

Wowza Streaming Cloud Live Event-Based Pricing

One Month of Streaming

One-Time Purchase


Live Streaming Hours

Viewing Hours
Based on Video Streamed at 720p

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Price per Month
3-Month Minimum

Live Streaming Hours per Monthper Year

Viewing Hours per Monthper Year
Based on Video Streamed at 720p



Price per month


Live Streaming Hours per Monthper Year

Viewing Hours per Monthper Year
Based on video streamed at 720p


Custom, high-volume streaming plans, designed for your business.

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Recommended Plan


Estimated Monthly Usage*
Live streaming hours: 8 hours
Viewer hours: 400 hours
Bandwidth/Hour: 1.13 GB/HR
CDN Bandwith: 450 GB
Egress: 0 GB
Estimated Fees with Recommended Plan*
Basic plan recurring fee: $99
Additional live streaming hours: $0
Additional bandwidth: $0
Additional egress: $0
Estimated monthly cost: $99
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* These costs are estimates only to assist you with selecting a Wowza Streaming Cloud plan. Bandwidth usage is calculated based on an average bitrate. Your actual charges will vary based on the selected plan, your usage, number of viewers, and other factors. Pricing does not include recording and is subject to change. Please review Compare Plan Details below for more detailed information.

All Plans Include

Full Brand Control

Brand your live streams as your own. No ads. No Wowza logos. No “here’s what you should watch next.”

Multi-Bitrate Streaming

Rely on our world-class streaming platform, which provides users with configurable transcoding in every plan.

HD and UHD Broadcasting

Deliver HD and UHD (4K) streaming experiences, with no caps on bitrate or resolution.

Global Delivery

Stream with the reliability of the industry-leading Akamai CDN for optimized global delivery.

Live Stream Recording

Quickly and easily archive live streams with 250 GB of peak recording storage, included in your plan.

Viewer Analytics

Gain insight into your streaming to stay on top of your usage and optimize viewer experiences.

No Channel Caps

Stream multiple events simultaneously or deliver to multiple destinations—with no additional fees.

Advanced Security

Secure your content with rights access management, CDN token authentication and geoblocking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are live streaming hours, and how are they calculated?
Live streaming hours are the amount of time your stream is live, from the moment you start your event until you stop it.


What are viewer hours and how are they calculated?
Viewer hours is an approximation of the total time all of your viewers are watching your streams. E.g. 10 viewer hours would be consumed if 10 viewers watched all of your 1 hour event, or if 20 viewers watched all of your 30 minute event. Our approximations of viewer hours are based on views at 720p at a typical bitrate. Your actual consumption may be higher or lower based upon your encoder settings, the streamed content, and the video resolutions consumed.

What if I exceed my included usage?
All plans have affordable, pay-as-you-go overage options, so you can keep streaming with ease. Usage beyond your plan limit will be billed according to your pricing plan.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. You can choose from Wowza Streaming Cloud month-to-month plans, or if you plan to stream over a longer period, you can save with an annual plan.


Can I upgrade or downgrade plans?
With Wowza Streaming Cloud month-to-month plans, you can change at any time. Changes will take effect at the end of the current billing period. You may not change an annual plan mid-period; plan changes will only take effect at the end of the 12-month subscription period.

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