Wowza CDN Delivery

Wowza CDN

Global Pay-As-You-Go Streaming Delivery Network

Easily and reliably scale your streams to reach global audiences of any size.

How to Use Wowza CDN

how to delivery with Wowza CDN

Wowza Streaming Engine

Using Wowza CDN as a stream target in Wowza Streaming Engine, you can push live streams to a global audience from a single GUI or REST API interface.

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Wowza Streaming Cloud

Wowza Streaming Cloud automatically leverages Wowza CDN to scale live streams on-demand—no need for special configuration or user intervention.

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The Wowza CDN Advantage

Reliable Delivery Network

Global Coverage

Reduce complexity of worldwide coverage with Wowza CDN’s global footprint.

Proactive Management

Minimize first-mile issues with smart origin ingestion, which dynamically resolves the closest logical ingest point.

Dynamic Scaling

Scale on-demand, without advanced planning. Our platform has supported broadcasts to millions of concurrent viewers—reliably and repeatedly.

Optimized Delivery

Provide a local presence globally through our worldwide network, ensuring the best possible playback quality.

global delivery with Wowza CDN

seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Gold Standard for Streaming

Wowza partners with Akamai to deliver a network, giving you the confidence that your streams are formatted properly and adhere to the highest quality standards.

End-to-End Visibility

Using Wowza as your origin and edge provides unparalleled clarity and visibility through the entire streaming workflow.

Best Economics

The Wowza ecosystem delivers broadcast-quality streaming, with no commitment and affordable delivery rates.

Content Protection

Token Authentication

Use token authentication to control viewing access, so you always know who is watching.


Leverage geo-blocking to easily ensure your streams comply with content usage and distribution rights.

Service Continuity

Protect your infrastructure from malicious takeover and denial of service attacks with our proven, secure delivery network.

stream security

professional quality delivery

Professional-Grade Delivery

HTTP Streaming

Support for HTTP live adaptive bitrate streaming allows you to deliver high-quality playback across a wide range of devices, in varying network conditions.


Include captions for greater customer engagement, and to comply with regional broadcast requirements.


Analytics provide granular detail and clarity into stream-quality and viewing statistics.

UHD/4K Streaming

Stream UHD/4K and beyond, supporting high-quality, next-generation experiences such as 360, virtual reality, augmented reality and multi-threaded streaming.

Reduced Latency

Support for reduced-latency workflows allows you to stream activities and events as they happen.