Wowza GoCoder SDK

Streaming toolkit for iOS & Android app development

The Wowza GoCoder™ software development kit (SDK) simplifies development of live audio- and video-streaming apps with a cross-platform API that provides capture and encoding support for a broad range of handheld devices. 

Features and benefits of the Wowza GoCoder SDK:

  • Accelerated application development
  • Reduced development risk
  • iOS and Android device support
  • Support for 4K video resolution
  • Easy integration with Wowza Streaming Engine™ and Wowza Streaming Cloud™
  • Detailed video and audio encoder controls

Supported Platforms

Download Wowza GoCoder on the iOS Apple App store

iOS Development

  • iOS SDK 8.01 or later
  • Xcode 7 or later for debugging
Download Wowza GoCoder on the Android Google Play App store

Android Development

  • Android SDK 4.4.2 or later
  • Android Studio 1.2.0 or later for debugging

Key Features

4K UHD Quality Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

4K UHD Quality

Small-Footprint API Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Small-Footprint API

Multiple-Camera Support Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Multiple-Camera Support

Configurable Bitrate Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Configurable Network Bitrate

 Overlay Images Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Image Overlays

Local Archiving Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Local Archiving

Application Mirroring Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Application Mirroring

Gameplay Streaming Wowza GoCoder SDK Feature

Video Game Streaming

Building a Mobile Live-Streaming App

This 19-page tech guide gives you detailed how-to steps for five different approaches to solving mobile live streaming.

G9MD uses Wowza GoCoder to power high-definition streaming of surgeries

G9MD designed a streaming platform specifically for healthcare providers, and integrated a Wowza GoCoder Private Label– based app to power high-definition streaming of surgeries and more. Now G9MD is working with the Wowza GoCoder SDK to gain even greater flexibility from a fully custom app.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It …

“In today’s mobile-obsessed world, success relies on sharing what’s happening from anywhere, at anytime. The GoCoder Private Label offering gives us the flexibility and customizations we need to simplify mobile streaming and recording workflows. Wowza Media Systems continues to provide innovative streaming technologies that we can leverage to enhance content creation and viewing, and stay ahead of the curve.”

—Andy Covell, CEO and founder, Ensemble Video

“Our use of advanced streaming technology has put us at the forefront of medical innovation and technological leadership. By using Wowza GoCoder mobile encoding capabilities coupled with G9MD’s social business ecosystem and soon-to-launch G9MD.TV live video streaming and broadcasting platform for healthcare, we are enabling physicians worldwide to share knowledge and advance surgical techniques through mobile live video streaming."

—Justin C. Anderson, Co-Founder, President and CEO of G9MD