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Wowza Player

Embeddable HTML5 Player

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Deliver Professional-Grade Playback Quickly and Easily

An adaptive bitrate HTML5 player for delivering optimized HD-quality video and audio experiences.


Quick setup for consistent experiences on any device
(mobile, desktop, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).


Automated embed-code generation for fast, easy integration.


View stream-playback data to understand and track viewing trends and statistics.

Wowza Player Features

High-Quality Experiences


Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Artificial intelligence optimizes streaming bitrates based upon changing network conditions.

Rapid Startup

Player pre-fetches assets for faster playback startup.

Any Device

HTML5 player delivers consistent experiences to any device and any browser.


Flexible and Programmable


JavaScript API

Programmatic control of functionality, through a JavaScript API, for custom applications and automated workflow integration.

Customizable Replay Window

Application and web developers can designate a DVR range to establish the number of seconds that a viewer can rewind, replay, or skip ahead for live broadcasts.

Configuration UI

Fast, simple Wowza player setup, customization and configuration through the web-based Player Builder; quickly and easily generate embed code.


Rich Streaming Capabilities


Wowza Player allows viewers to pause and rewind live streams.


Play, pause, and jump to any point during on-demand video or audio playback.

Audio Streaming

Stream live and on-demand audio, with support for ID3 tags.

Stream Analytics

View stream-playback session statistics and trends.


Wowza Player plays content automatically in supported browsers.

General FAQs


Q: What is Wowza Player? 

A: Wowza Player is an HTML5 embeddable streaming-media player for HLS video and audio streaming via Wowza Streaming Engine™ and Wowza Streaming Cloud™.


Q: How do I sign up for Wowza Player?

A: Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud Customers with a valid (commercial or trial) license can sign up for Player at:


Q: Is a separate license required for Player?

A: Yes. If you have a valid (commercial or trial) Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud license, you can request a Wowza Player key by clicking the Get Wowza Player button at the top of this page.


Q: I have signed up for Wowza Player. Now how do I access the Player Builder?

A: Using your Wowza account login credentials, you can access the Player Builder at:


Q: Where can I find documentation on getting started and the general operation of Wowza Player ?

A: The most current documentation for Wowza Player is available in the Wowza Support docs:


Q: What is the pricing for Wowza Player? 

A: Wowza Player is free to Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud customers with a valid (commercial or trial) license.


Q: How do I file an issue regarding Wowza Player? 

A: Issues with Wowza Player can be filed by opening a support ticket at: File the ticket under the Wowza product with which you are using Player (either Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud).


For additional information, contact

Technical Specifications


Q: What operating systems are supported for Wowza Player? 

A: Wowza Player runs on Windows 7 or later and Mac OSX 10.8 and later.


Q: What browsers are supported for Wowza Player?

A: Internet Explorer 8.0 or greater, Firefox 5.0 or greater, Chrome 36 or greater and Safari 7.0 or greater.


Q: What codecs does Wowza Player support?

A: Wowza Player supports H.264 video codecs and IHE-AAC (v1/2) and LC-AAC (v1/2) audio codecs.


Q: What protocols are supported by Wowza Player?

A: Wowza Player supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) streams and—for customers with Wowza Streaming Cloud premium Ultra Low Latency Service—the WOWZ ultra low latency protocol.


Q: Does Wowza Player support AES-128 encryption?

A: Wowza Player doesn’t support AES-128 encryption, however, it does support SecureToken playback protection from Wowza Streaming Engine. For more information, see Protect streaming using SecureToken in Wowza Streaming Engine.


Q: Where can I find the Wowza Player release notes?

A: View the release notes here.

For additional information, contact



Q: What general features does Wowza Player include?

A: The Wowza Player release supports the following:

  • HLS streaming
  • Live and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Click-and-drag resizing
  • VOD playback
  • Customizable DVR rewind/skip-ahead window configuration
  • Web-based Wowza Player Builder UI for player customization
  • Audio-only player interface
  • ID3 metadata tag support
  • JavaScript API for basic player control and automated workflow integration
  • Stream playback analytics


Q: What on-screen controls are available?

A: For a detailed description of operation and controls, please see the Wowza Player support articles.

  • The Wowza Player includes on-screen controls for the following:
  • Play/pause
  • Quick rewind
  • Volume/mute
  • Full screen
  • Bitrate selector


Q: Are keyboard controls available in Wowza Player?

A: Yes. For a detailed description of operation and controls, please see the Wowza Player support articles.

Wowza Player includes keyboard control functionality, including:

  • Play/pause
  • Increase/decrease volume
  • Rewind/fast-forward
  • Mute on/off
  • Full screen on/off
  • Seek—percentage skip-ahead


Q: Are there any features not available when using the player on a mobile device?

  • Volume is adjusted by means of the device hardware controls, rather than through the on-screen UI.
  • iPhones and iPods will always render Wowza Player full-screen (iPads will play in-line).


For additional information, contact

Troubleshooting Common Issues


Problem: Video Player doesn’t appear.

Things to check:

  • Check the links to assets:
    • Is the link to wowzaplayer.min.js correct?
  • Container DIV:
    • Is it in the page? Is it visible?
    • Is it big enough?
  • Configuration JSON:
    • Is the JSON well-formed? Is there a missing/trailing comma?
    • Are parts of it accidentally commented out?


Problem: “Stream unavailable” is displayed on the player window.

Things to check:

  • Check the Console log: CORS errors when loading a stream.
    • Cause:
      • Older Wowza instances (< 4.5v) did not enable Cross-Origin headers by default for HLS streams.
    • Solutions:
      • Upgrade to Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE) >= 4.5v
      • Enable CORS headers for HLS streams.


Problem: “Stream unavailable” is displayed on the player window.

Things to check:

  • Check the errors in Console: Security errors (ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR).
    • Cause:
      • On Web pages served from “https”, the Javascript player can only stream from “https” media streams.
      • Trying to load a playlist that redirects to a new URL. This is not a supported feature.
      • Trying to load a non-HLS Stream (Wowza Player only plays HLS URLs, which are coming from WSE or WSC).
      • Flash Player is sandboxed and does not report the browser security errors.
    • Solutions:
      • Enable SSL on the Wowza source and stream from an “https” URL.
      • Serve the web page from “http.”
      • Force the Flash Player (useFlash: true).


Problem : “Media decode error” is displayed on the player window.

  • Cause:
    • If the Media decode error happens in the beginning of playback, then the browser doesn't support a particular encoding. Check the video and audio formats supported by your browser.
  • Solutions:
    • Use the encoding format supported by your browser.
    • Force the Flash Player.
  • Cause:
    • If the Media decode error happens during the playback, then it may be a known bug.
  • Solutions:
    • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Wowza Player.
    • Check the list of known issues on Wowza Player and file a support ticket.


For additional information, contact

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