Virtual Reality and 360° Streaming

Deliver engaging viewer experiences

Wowza™ technology enables you to live-stream 360° and virtual reality video content through Wowza Streaming Cloud™ and Wowza Streaming Engine™, allowing you to reach global audiences with high-quality, immersive video experiences.

  • Supports up to 4K resolution
  • Compatible with various video-stitching software and encoders
  • Forward-looking, future-proof technology

A Typical Workflow for Virtual Reality and 360° Streaming

A Typical Workflow for Virtual Reality and 360° Streaming with Wowza

Key Features

Stream Immersive 360° Video with Wowza

Stream Immersive 360° Video

Wowza technology enables high-quality live 360° video streaming.
Support Virtual Reality Devices with Wowza

Support Virtual Reality Devices

Wowza software can stream to a wide range of virtual reality–enabled devices.
Stream in 4K Resolution with Wowza

Stream in 4K Resolution

Wowza gives you the ability to stream 360° video in 4K resolution.
Sony Music Entertainment Provided Lollapalooza Live Event 360 Streaming with Wowza

Lollapalooza Berlin & Sony: The Reality of 360° Live Streaming

Learn how Sony Music Entertainment was able to successfully deliver a live-streamed 360° experience with a flexible Wowza solution.

What Customers Are Saying about 360° and Virtual Reality Streaming with Wowza

“Wowza Streaming Cloud is the only cloud-based live streaming technology we found that gives us full confidence in delivering high-quality live streaming, to all output formats and devices anywhere. The easy out-of-the-box setup and use enabled us to achieve our goal in record time. It just works!”

Daniel Federauer, head of innovation management, Sony Music Entertainment

“Intel is working with VideoStitch and Wowza to deliver 360° 4K live event broadcasts for users. The live stream is taken from six action sports cameras that are stitched live using VideoStitch’s Vahana VR technology on a Premium Notebook with a 6th Gen Core Intel processor. VideoStitch is currently developing live stitching software that incorporates Intel’s Quick Sync technology, which will seriously help deliver an even better 360° immersive entertainment experience.”

Jean Pierre Lefranc, market development manager, Intel Corporation