Advanced Video Surveillance and Monitoring Solutions

Trustworthy video for private security, public safety.

Empower Your Surveillance Strategy with Wowza

In today's dynamic security landscape, traditional surveillance systems fall short, leaving critical gaps in threat detection and response.

Dive into the insights from Frost & Sullivan's Frost Radar report, where Wowza emerges as a leader in surveillance technology. Discover how Wowza's advanced features cater specifically to the needs of surveillance professionals:

  • Seamless integration with existing surveillance infrastructure for streamlined operations
  • Scalable solutions to meet the evolving demands of surveillance environments
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics for actionable insights and faster response times
  • Tailored support and customization options to suit your unique surveillance needs

The Frost Radar analyzes companies based on their market share, revenue, vision, scalability, and other growth index elements. Download the free report to see why Wowza was named a leader.

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Future Proof Surveillance Solution

Stay on top of the latest surveillance streaming technology with a partner that covers all your bases, continuously innovates, and will bring you along.


Meet All Your Monitoring Needs

Stream at high resolutions, in real-time, and across multiple devices according to your unique surveillance needs.


Secure Real-Time Surveillance

Tackle mission critical initiatives and respond rapidly to urgent situations with reliable and secure Web-RTC enabled 24/7 sub-second streaming.


Unmatched Video Player Functionality

Our high-quality best-in-class video player is the only of its kind to come pre-integrated with WebRTC and to offer viewer-side multi-camera angle toggling.

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35,000+ Video Streaming Implementations Worldwide

The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

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One Month of Streaming

$295 one-time purchase
first instance included

  • Best For:Occasional on-prem hosted streaming needs or unpredictable events and audiences
  • Fully customizable streaming server software
  • Up to 10 concurrent, transcoded channels
  • Additional instances $295

Basic Monthly

$195 per month
first instance included

  • Best For: Ongoing on-prem hosted streaming needs with steady events and growing audiences
  • Fully customizable streaming server software
  • Up to 10 concurrent, transcoded channels
  • Additional instances $195


Plans built for your needs  

  • Best For: Large-scale, self-hosted streaming with unique requirements
  • Annual plans and discounted rates available
  • Hybrid cloud services including CDN, Flowplayer, and analytics
  • Built for scale
  • Offline keys available
  • Professional services for highly customized deployments