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Start building video into your app or service.

Pay As You Go
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Best For: Getting started with Wowza
  • Flexible streaming with low startup costs
  • ABR and passthrough streaming
  • Start building, scale as needed
  • All usage billed separately

35,000+ Live Streaming Implementations Worldwide

The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

Wowza Video Features

VOD and Live Streaming

Rely on Wowza’s powerful live and video on demand (VOD) capabilities for any business use case.


Easily store and manage assets with Wowza’s sophisticated video CMS.


Have the world at your fingertips with a global content delivery network built into your video solution.


Deliver video to viewers on any device, while benefiting from visibility across the workflow.


Ensure video success and quickly adapt with real-time analytics on viewer data, stream health, and infrastructure performance.

With the Wowza Video Pay As You Go plan, you can start building video into your app or service and scale as needed. Pay a low monthly subscription fee of $25, then only pay for what you use.

Streaming Hours Number of included streaming hours in plan $5 per hour
Passthrough: $1 per hour
Viewing Hours Number of included viewer hours in plan $0.10 per hour
Storage (GB) Amount of storage in GB included in plan $0.20 per additional GB per month
Additional Stream Targets When streaming to multiple targets, e.g. URL and Facebook $0.25 per hour
Support Included support plan — learn more about Wowza Premium Support Standard
Subscription Fee $25 One-time purchase

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