Developer Survey: Provide Feedback on Our Technical Documentation

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We’re researching what video streaming developers want in the way of technical documentation to meet their needs. If you are personally responsible, accountable, or have influence in technically evaluating video streaming products/services for adoption or implementing video streaming into your organization’s products/services and use a Wowza product, this survey is for you.


The survey results will help our technical writers:

  • Understand the problems you’re solving and how
  • Know what information you expect and need
  • Improve our existing technical documentation
  • Increase available coding languages for API request samples and tutorials
  • Implement select features developers indicate they need
  • Add an API testing offering
  • Make improvements in knowledge base navigation

Don’t wait! Your survey responses will directly impact our technical documentation strategy and roadmap, especially around API content. The survey takes around 3 minutes to complete.

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About Mary Snider

Mary Snider is the product content manager at Wowza, managing the product content road map and technical writers. She has eight years of experience in writing software and API documentation. Mary loves a good dystopian Sci-Fi story, camping, and playing tournament Scrabble around Texas.