Announcing: Flowplayer for Wowza Video

A live stream of a football/soccer game playing back on a smartphone, desktop monitor, and tablet.

As part of our commitment to delivering the one-stop video platform for building fast and scaling big, I’m excited to announce the integration of Flowplayer into Wowza Video. 

With Flowplayer for Wowza Video, developers can build elegant and immersive video experiences in a snap. The easy-to-use, fast-loading player connects our customers with enhanced player configurability, interactive playback features, advanced analytics, and a rich plugin library. Plus, while most video players are limited in functionality and challenging to work with, Flowplayer’s open architecture and extensible APIs make it easy for content distributors to deliver stunning video experiences to any device. 

This enhancement to Wowza Video is a continuation of ongoing product innovation. Wowza Video is the go-to solution for anyone looking to add video to their products and services. It integrates core video technologies like cloud-based transcoding, video CMS, and video CDN delivery into a single solution, thus combining the simplicity today’s businesses require with the reliability and scalability that end users demand.  

A workflow of Wowza Video showing how content is streamed across our integrated, cloud-based platform.

With Flowplayer, Wowza Video Customers Benefit From: 

  • A Configurable, Builder-Focused Player: The lightweight code base and comprehensive SDKs and APIs deliver unlimited possibilities for player design and viewer experience. 
  • Powerful Features: The player offers sophisticated features — including broad device support, digital rights management (DRM), and advanced analytics. 
  • An All-in-One Solution: The integration of Flowplayer into Wowza Video enhances our existing platform while ensuring the simplicity of a single solution for customers. 

This expansion allows us to continue delivering the integrated video solution and trusted partnership that businesses require, while also driving innovation.  

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Wowza Video today and build custom video experiences that keep viewers coming back. 


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