Latest Wowza Streaming Engine release enhances Works With Wowza program

I’m thrilled that my inaugural blog, not just at Wowza, but anywhere, is to share the advancements in the Works With Wowza™ partner program that come with the latest release of Wowza Streaming Engine.

The Works With Wowza partner program creates a partner ecosystem that increasingly simplifies video streaming by providing customers with tested, integrated, and supported end-to-end streaming workflow components.

The latest release of Wowza Streaming Engine, version 4.0.4, adds UI-based integration with four key encoder partners; Hauppauge, Matrox, NewTek and Teradek. This integration expands upon the existing player and hosting options integration established at the onset of the program.

This release represents the latest step in the ongoing process of providing Wowza customers with an increasingly seamless and integrated video streaming experience.

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