Live Streaming for Education: Beyond the Lecture Hall

Anyone who has spent time around young people recently knows how big a role video plays in their daily lives. And it’s not just for entertainment: 77 percent of colleges offer online courses, and more than one in four students at Title IV institutions enroll in distance-education courses. See the accompanying Video Streaming in Education infographic.

But education-relevant video streaming goes well beyond the lecture hall, letting schools broadcast scientific experiments, sporting events, guest-speaker appearances, commencement ceremonies, student performances, and much more. Take a look at a few ways Wowza is powering live streaming for education outside the classroom.

  • Honeybee research: To highlight the importance of honeybees and their role in ecology and agriculture a university is broadcasting live streams of a honeybee colony. Video feeds from various cameras inside and around the hive are uploaded to a Wowza Streaming Engine server for distribution to students and researchers using any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Deep-sea education: Live broadcasts from shipboard and undersea cameras are transmitted to colleges to foster higher levels of engagement than books and lectures alone. During the live broadcasts, viewers can interact with scientists and engineers onboard the research vessel.
  • Musical performances: A university music department is streaming live video of musical performances nearly every day. Streaming live events helps expand their audience and aids with public outreach, making the music program much more visible around the United States and the world and drawing higher-caliber students to the program.

Wowza technology is deployed by 88 percent of the top 25 international universities and 85 percent of the top 25 national universities as ranked by US News & World Report. Today video is expected to be a part of education—and not for lectures and distance learning alone. Comment below or write to us to share your approach to streaming for education.

For more information, visit our Video Streaming for Education page or contact our education-segment specialist.

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