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Meridix is a streaming platform that lets anyone easily live-stream sports at any level—youth, high school, local, college, pro and everything in between. By building on Wowza Streaming Engine™ software, Meridix empowers its customers to capture and stream from anywhere, complete with HD video, audio, multicamera mixes, scores and stats. In this case study, we'll see how Wowza helps Meridix deliver sports broadcasts like a pro.

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 Streaming service provider


Wowza Streaming Engine

Amazon Web Services

Use Case
Sporting events; ongoing live and VOD broadcasts

Seeking Tools for a Flexible, User-Friendly Streaming Solution

Before discovering Wowza Streaming Engine, Meridix output live streams via several popular video workflows. But they wanted to do more, including:

  • Develop a custom streaming offering that would allow for sport-specific video-player interfaces, with real-time scores and stats and deep viewer analytics
  • Ensure the streaming workflow was easy for customers to use, no matter what their hardware, network speed or technical proficiency
  • Deliver the full viewing experience to any type of device—from smartphones to desktop computers


Delivering Professional, Personalized Streams to Any Device

Building its platform on powerful Wowza Streaming Engine server software has enabled Meridix to stream upward of 70,000 games—and counting. Here’s a look at the customized solution’s key capabilities:


Pro-Quality Broadcasting, Regardless of Infrastructure

Customers can create professional-looking sports broadcasts, even with no existing infrastructure. It doesn’t matter if they’re using high-end video equipment, camcorders, network (IP) cameras or smartphones for recording, or whether the network connection is limited or broadband. Through Wowza Streaming Engine software, Meridix can accept the customer’s live streams and deliver them beautifully.


VOD Recording and Archiving

Wowza Streaming Engine makes it easy to record and archive live streams for video-on-demand (VOD) playback. Using this technology, Meridix archives every game’s video and audio for later viewing, along with scores, stats and other event data.


Delivery to Any Device

The included transmuxing functionality lets Meridix ingest a single live-stream from a customer—then transform that stream into a variety of formats to deliver content to any viewing device, anywhere.


White-Labeled Services

By leveraging the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API, Meridix provides dynamic video-player interfaces to customers that use their team’s logos and colors. Customers can embed streams into their own sites, or choose a dedicated player page on the Meredix website.


Wowza Helps Meridix Provide Reliable Live-Streaming Sports

Customers come to Meridix from larger streaming services because the platform’s sports-optimized features are unparalleled. In turn, Wowza Streaming Engine helps Meridix thrive by providing:

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Reliable Streaming Delivery

The reliability of Wowza Streaming Engine gives Meridix confidence when marketing its own offering to customers, knowing their platform is built on a rock-solid foundation.


Faster Speed to Market and Easy Feature Rollout

Wowza technology offers a wide range of building blocks for users who need advanced customization. When custom modules are called for, the Wowza Streaming Engine Java API enables Meridix to go to market quickly with new features, such as live fan interaction.


Unlimited Scalability

Meridix deploys Wowza Streaming Engine on Amazon Web Services, integrated with internal and external content delivery networks (CDNs). This deployment scales smoothly, letting Meridix stream hundreds of concurrent broadcasts to reach over 100,000 viewers simultaneously during peak sports seasons.


“By using Wowza technology as the engine for our streaming services, we’ve been able to expand our market reach rapidly and develop solutions to help support the brands of our 1,000+ sports customers.” — Tyler Feret, founder and CEO at Meridix

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