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Are you ready to unlock the power of video? As a seamless video platform designed for builders, Wowza Video offers comprehensive API coverage across all available functionalities, from transcoding and encoding to our powerful CMS and HTML5 player. Many of our customers leverage our API to integrate the ability to stream video into their solutions, allowing them to provide Wowza Video’s deep functionality directly to their users.   

Incorporating Wowza Video into your solution empowers you to deliver video and playback in a way that best meets your audiences’ needs. You can then harness Wowza Video’s scale as your user base grows, reaching new customers without sacrificing quality or reliability.   

Because Wowza Video is feature-rich and its potential to impact your business is high, we believe the best way to understand what it’s capable of and its ease of use is to get started with testing. To make doing so easier for you, we’re excited to announce that Wowza Video’s full API library is publicly available on Postman! 

Postman is the leading platform for building and using APIs. You can use it to simplify API testing and development processes across industries, so if you want an opportunity to experiment with how Wowza Video’s API integrates with your business’s existing or in-development technology, Postman is an ideal digital sandbox. It’s an opportunity for you to discover all that’s possible and generate new ideas for implementing video in your mission-critical applications.   

Wowza Video’s API is publicly available in Postman — no downloading or importing necessary.  All you need to do is search for it within Postman, obtain an API access token from your Wowza Video account or free trial, fork our collection, and you’ll be ready to test.  

So, what are you waiting for? Follow along with the video above or these instructions, and start getting familiar with everything Wowza Video is capable of!  


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