Webinar: Smarter About Security in 2021 and Why DRM Is Top of Mind


Video publishers want full control over their content. Piracy has grown exponentially during the pandemic — and more people are consuming online content than ever before. Luckily, with today’s digital rights management (DRM) technologies integrated through cloud services and standardized APIs, the setup process can be both straightforward and easy. 

We recently teamed up with our friends at EZDRM and Magycal to discuss all things DRM in 2021. Beyond just looking at the reasons why today’s content distributors might want to implement more sophisticated security measures, we demonstrate exactly what’s involved in making it happen.


Check out the recording for the brass tacks on:

  • The critical need for DRM to protect your service and revenue streams.
  • How simple it is to get started with DRM services.
  • A walk-through on the setup process.
  • How cloud-based services offer comprehensive support for new technology standards — while saving money and time.
  • Tips for protecting your content and boosting revenue by leveraging DRM technology in Wowza Streaming Cloud and EZDRM.

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