The Facebook Live Streaming Benchmark Report 2017

Facebook Live Benchmark Report

Facebook Live is becoming a dominant live-streaming video platform: It’s watched by 80 percent of online audiences, and is more popular than streaming-video giant YouTube among weekly live-stream viewers. Facebook Live offers a huge opportunity for broadcasters to capture audiences who are highly engaged, since viewers on this channel watch live videos three times longer than pre-recorded ones and comment on them at 10 times the rate.

To learn more about how organizations are using Facebook Live, Wowza Media Systems surveyed over 700 video-streaming professionals across a range of industries. Our Facebook Live Streaming Benchmark Report 2017 found some compelling results; get the complete report below.


Free Wowza Report on Facebook Live Streaming

Here’s a summary of our top findings:


Broadcasters See Big Benefits From Live-Streaming

The primary goals of streaming to Facebook Live are to reach new audiences (70 percent) and stay connected with existing ones (64 percent). Many broadcasters are succeeding, and realizing big benefits as a result: 58 percent report better brand recognition and exposure, and 41 percent see deeper customer engagement.

Facebook Live Goal

Facebook Live Is Multi-Purpose, but Leads in Event Streaming

Facebook Live is built for events, but is a multi-purpose platform: 76 percent of respondents stream live events, such as concerts and sports. However, use cases run the gamut from product demos to breaking news and behind-the-scenes exclusives.

Facebook Content Types

Broadcasters Have Advanced Workflows, But Struggle With Setup and Integration

The largest proportion of broadcasters use professional equipment with advanced hardware and software workflows. Despite this, equipment (32 percent) and setup and integration (44 percent) are the most common challenges respondents encounter when streaming to Facebook Live.

Facebook Challenges

Problems Connecting and Maintaining High-Quality Streams Are Widespread

Over three-quarters of respondents encounter errors when attempting to use Facebook Live. Over one-quarter are frequently unable to connect to the platform at all—and even those who can have trouble with dropped streams (37 percent) and poor playback quality (28 percent).

Facebook Errors

Download the full report to learn more about the successes and challenges organizations experience when streaming to Facebook Live, and to hear about broadcasters’ use cases in their own words.


“When we stream to Facebook Live, awareness of our events goes through the roof. Everyone gets more excited. … Awareness has gone up by 700 to 800 percent, or more … [and] engagement has increased by 300 or 400 percent.” —Jonathan Schwartz, director of video productions and operations, University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy



Free Wowza Report on Facebook Live Streaming

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