Sneak Peek: Wowza’s CMS, Analytics, Video API, and More


As we head closer to releasing our upcoming integrated video platform, we wanted to provide an update. I’m excited to share this sneak peek of the new user experience and comprehensive features that we’re bringing to the market in April.   

I recently sat down with Barry Owen, VP of solutions engineering, to look at the content management system (CMS), analytics, and API capabilities we’re developing. Interested customers will soon have access to all this great functionality without having to integrate multiple vendors. 

Find out how our reliable, scalable platform combines the simplicity of a single video solution with the flexibility required to build advanced applications. Join our interest list today to stay up to date. 

A workflow showing how Wowza's upcoming integrated platform combines transcoding, CDN delivery, content management, analytics, APIs, and playback into a single solution.

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About Jon Duncan

Jon Duncan is an accomplished product leader with a passion for building world-class products and teams. He comes to Wowza with more than 15 years of experience developing solutions that drive meaningful value to customers across multiple industries. Jon’s focus is on enabling his customers’ success through technology. Outside of Wowza, Jon can be found snowboarding, hiking, and camping in the mountains with his family.