Webinar: Build Live-Streaming Apps With User-Generated Content

Today, more companies are looking to generate deeper engagement and drive greater awareness of their applications, services and platforms. And for many, the catalyst for this change is live streaming user-generated video content (LiveUGC).

We recently released a comprehensive report that explores how organizations across industry verticals are using and creating apps that incorporate live user-generated video. It includes data from a survey of video professionals about their LiveUGC usage and preferences, and dives into top trends; examples of apps we love; and tools developers can use to create their own LiveUGC experiences.

In this pre-recorded webinar, Chris Michaels, director of public relations, and Tim Dougherty, senior solutions engineer, discuss our report, and dive deeper into topics such as:

  • The driving forces behind the explosion of LiveUGC applications.
  • Current trends and use cases for live user-generated content experiences.
  • How to use reference architectures to build these interactive platforms—whether by implementing LiveUGC into existing apps and services, or developing them from the ground up.

Download the slides here, and watch the webinar below:

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