Webinar: Introducing Wowza Video


Get a deep dive into Wowza Video, our new integrated platform for businesses looking to unlock the power of video! The all-in-one solution delivers a full suite of new and enhanced functionality — including a video content management system (CMS), real-time analytics, and an intuitive UX. 

Check out our recent webinar, where we conduct an in-depth exploration of the new interface for Wowza Video. You’ll be able to explore the new CMS, see tools for workflow analytics, and learn more about our upgrades to the builder-focused API. Discover the reasons behind this major upgrade, and how best to leverage Wowza Video for your business. 


Watch the above webinar to:

  • See a demo of the new user interface for live streaming.
  • Explore how to utilize assets for video on demand (VOD) or to restream as live.
  • Discuss the impact to current Wowza Streaming Cloud users.

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About Justin Miller

Justin K. Miller is the video and webinar producer at Wowza Media Systems. He’s responsible for both the live and recorded productions made to educate, train, and inform customers and live video streaming enthusiasts. When not focused on the many facets of video production, Justin spends his free time watching media, modifying 3D printers, designing terrarium topography, breeding poison dart frogs, and raising his two children Jonathan and Alexis.