Webinar: The Age of Virtual Health


COVID-19 has accelerated the healthcare industry’s digital transformation. As providers attempt to triage and treat patients while practicing social distancing, virtual doctor visits have surged. Remote patient monitoring and the internet of medical things (IoMT) are also on the rise.

The widespread adoption of telemedicine is, without a doubt, one of the pandemic’s silver linings. Video-enabled telehealth capabilities fill a crucial societal need and will define the new normal.

Healthcare professionals are leveraging streaming technology to modernize the way they treat and communicate with patients — while also enhancing internal training and knowledge sharing. What’s more, there’s ample opportunity to extend telemedicine beyond doctors to empower first responders and patients.


Watch the recorded webinar to discover:

  • What’s required to make live streaming in virtual health successful.
  • Three cutting-edge organizations deploying streaming-enabled patient care built on Wowza.
  • What’s on the horizon for virtual health and streaming technology. 

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