Why MediaCache AddOn?

We’re often asked why, and how, Wowza Media Cache is used. In fact, we just published a white paper on this very topic.

Wowza Media Cache provides access to a centralized content storage location for video on demand content by leveraging industry standard protocols delivering a scalable and manageable solution for even the largest content stores. It delivers and manages content to maximize the use of available hardware and local storage while still allowing content owners to maintain their control of content.

Using Media Cache, network operators can deploy more cost effective storage and remove the need to copy content across their servers as it becomes available, thus reducing capital expenditure in hardware and operational costs.

Any viewing clients connecting to Wowza Streaming Engine are completely unaware of the use of Media Cache, as it is transparent to any of the protocols Wowza Streaming Engine provides, enhancing deployment strategies for network operators and maintaining Wowza Streaming Engine at the forefront of content delivery.

For more info on how to implement the free Wowza Media Cache, check out the white paper or our tutorial How to scale video on demand streaming with Media Cache.

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