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Wowza is excited to be settled into our new office in Lakewood in the Belmar complex. While we were sad to leave our Genesee Park location, Belmar’s exciting benefits are more than we could have hoped for. There aren’t any buffalo or elk roaming outside the office, but so many options for amazing food, shopping, and fun are right outside our door!  

Though many of us were eager to return to the office and see other human beings more regularly than we have in the past two years, Wowza understands that flexibility and remote work are essential to our current and future employees. As such, we have implemented a flexible hybrid work environment for all our team members around the world. Local employees (over half of our work force) have the freedom to come into the office whenever they wish, and those outside the Denver metro area work remotely 100% of the time. Plus, work-life balance is integral to our company culture, so our U.S. employees benefit from unlimited PTO.  

We believe in the flexible hybrid model because it provides team members a place to collaborate and solve problems while building relationships with one another. However, as much as we enjoy each other’s company, Wowza recognizes that the world has changed, and much of our workforce is more productive from home or on the road (those who do decide to come in the office, though, get to take advantage of catered lunch and free snacks, beverages, and all the sparkling water anyone can drink!). 

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Wowza is dedicated to offering differentiated employee benefits and putting our money where our mouth is when it comes to work-life balance and being present for life’s most important events. So, in addition to our excellent new location, we’ve added to our incredible benefits program in 2022. Wowza has: 

  • Increased our Paid Birth and Recovery Leave to 16 weeks for expectant mothers 
  • Increased Paid Parental/Domestic Partner Leave to six weeks 
  • Implemented a month-long sabbatical program after five and ten years of employment (including a cash bonus to support employees’ sabbatical plans) 
  • Provided HSA contributions in 2022 to help team members offset medical expenses and plan for the future 

All in addition to our already generous “take whatever you need” PTO program and 13 paid company holidays in 2022. We’ve also continued our Winter and Summer FriYay! Program, which gives the entire company a Friday off after achieving an objective during the previous month.  

We’ve also prioritized building an inclusive and diverse company in Colorado and around the globe. For example, nearly two-thirds of our new employees are women or representatives of minority groups this year alone.  

If this sounds like the kind of organization you would like to be a part of, we would love to talk with you about joining the team. Please visit our careers page or feel free to email me at Brad.Deibel@wowza.com or our fantastic recruiter Viki.Soloski@wowza.com to discuss how your skills can be an asset to Wowza and how we can help you take the next step in your career! 


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About Brad Deibel

Brad is Wowza's director of people operations. With his almost 20 years of experience, he loves helping organizations thrive through their most powerful asset: their people. When not at work, you can find Brad watching his Chicago home town sports teams, a broadway musical, or exploring the latest restaurant that Denver has to offer.