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Mux vs Wowza

Mux vs. Wowza

How do the live streaming services compare?

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Take a look at the chart below and the details beneath it for the full Mux vs. Wowza breakdown.

Wowza Video
Broadcast-Quality Streaming
HD 720p & 1080p, 4K Ultra HD, 360°, VR
HD 720p & 1080p, 4k Ultra HD, 360°, VR
Closed Captions
Low Latency
~8-14 seconds
Live and VOD
Metadata Insertion
Real-Time Analytics
Security Options
DRM, Token Authentication, Geo-Blocking, Encryption, Password Protection
Password Protection
24/7 Customer Support

Wowza Video


  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • GUI management portal and REST API accessible
  • Low-latency support including WebRTC, SRT, and tuned HLS
  • Built with industry-leading CDNs (Akamai and Fastly)
  • Virtual reality (VR) and 360° streaming
  • Viewer analytics
  • Live, VOD, and video looping
  • Simulcasting
  • Digital rights management (DRM)
  • Token authorization
  • Geo-blocking and SSL encryption


  • Doesn’t offer as many customization options as Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Can’t be deployed behind a firewall
  • Monetization requires integration with third-party vendors



  • Audio normalization
  • Developer-friendly APIs
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Ability to quickly create GIFs and storyboards
  • Watermarking and playback policies
  • Real-time streaming analytics
  • Engagement metrics
  • Simulcasting
  • Broadcast-level monitoring tools
  • Live-to-VOD
  • Webhooks


  • Doesn’t support latencies under ~8-14 seconds
  • No metadata insertion
  • Security options are limited, including no DRM technology
  • Limited protocol support, only supports RTMP to HLS workflows
  • Lacking WebRTC support for browser-based, real-time video
  • No monetization tools out of the box
  • Video content management system (CMS) requires integration with third-party vendors

Wowza Video Pricing Plans

  • One Time: $149 one-time purchase. Includes 15 live streaming hours and 500 viewing hours based on video streamed at 720p.
  • Pay As You Go: Less than $25 per month billed annually. This low startup cost is billed separately from monthly usage, so the pricing is dynamic.
  • Annual: $130 per month billed annually. Includes 300 streaming hours and 10,000 viewing hours based on video streamed at 720p.
  • Enterprise: Enterprise customers are encouraged to contact Wowza for a quote on a custom plan for high-volume streaming.

Mux Pricing Plans

  • Encoding: $.05 per minute of input video duration.
  • Storage: $.003 per minute of video duration stored.
  • Streaming: $.0012 per minute of video delivered.
  • Custom: Enterprise customers are encouraged to contact Mux for a quote on a custom plan for high-volume streaming.

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