Wowza Streaming Cloud

Pay As You Go Pricing Plans

Build a live-streaming infrastructure on top of Wowza Streaming Cloud. Programmatically launch powerful cloud processors and seamlessly distribute content via the Wowza CDN or to third-party streaming services.

Wowza Streaming Cloud Pay As You Go Pricing

Transcoding Processing Hours


Programmatically launch and manage transcoding processors that enable you to send a single-bitrate stream to Wowza Streaming Cloud and have it transcoded for multi-bitrate streaming. Seamlessly scale your streams via the Wowza Content Delivery Network (CDN) or use another CDN.

Transcoding Stream Processing Price per Hour
First 10 Hours $6.00
Next 20 Hours $5.50
Next 20 Hours $5.00
Next 50 Hours $4.50
Next 100 Hours $3.50
Next 300 Hours $3.00
Over 500 Hours Contact us

Passthrough Processing Hours


Seamlessly launch passthrough stream processing to route and transmux single-bitrate streams at scale. Deliver streams directly to end users, either through the Wowza CDN or third-party services.

Passthrough Stream Processing Price per Hour
First 100 Hours $0.15
Next 900 Hours $0.13
Next 2,000 Hours $0.12
Next 3,000 Hours $0.11
Next 4,000 Hours $0.10
Next 6,000 Hours $0.09
Over 16,000 Hours Contact us

CDN Delivery


Scale your streams through a reliable global delivery network while receiving affordable pay-as-you-go pricing, with no required commitments up front. 


CDN bandwidth price is based on monthly volume.

CDN Price per GB
First 100 GB $0.095
Next 900 GB $0.090
Next 1,500 GB $0.085
Next 7,500 GB $0.077
Next 10,000 GB $0.069
Next 20,000 GB $0.062
Next 30,000 GB $0.055
Next 30,000 GB $0.049
Over 100,000 GB Contact us



Egress is traffic that leaves Wowza Streaming Cloud and goes to the Wowza CDN and custom stream targets.


Distribute your streams through the Wowza CDN or use custom stream targets to route streams directly to third-party streaming services or CDNs.

Egress Price per GB
First 100 GB $0.20
Next 400 GB $0.18
Next 500 GB $0.16
Next 1,000 GB $0.15
Next 3,000 GB $0.13
Next 5,000 GB $0.11
Next 10,000 GB $0.10
Next 20,000 GB $0.09
Over 40,000 GB Contact us

24x7 Channels


Purchase reserved compute power to process streams. 24x7 plans are great for IP cameras or live linear broadcasting.


Pay a flat fee per channel—no hourly fees. Additional fees will be applied for egress and CDN usage.

Per Channel Price Transcoding Passthrough
First Stream $500 $60
Next 4 Streams $450 $55
Next 10 Streams $400 $50
Next 15 Streams $350 $45
Next 20 Streams $300 $40
Over 50 Streams Contact us Contact us

Recording Storage


Easily record and archive live streams as .mp4 files.

Recording storage charges are based on your peak storage amount each month.

Recording Price per GB
First 1,000 GB $0.10
Next 4,000 GB $0.09
Next 15,000 GB $0.08
Over 20,000 GB Contact us

Buy Now

Pay a $15 per month recurring fee, plus any additional usage charges, for the Wowza Streaming Cloud API Subscription. All plans include standard support.