Wowza Streaming Engine AddOns

Dynamic Load Balancer

The Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn package provides a method for dynamically distributing connection load between multiple Wowza Streaming Engine™ edge servers. Dynamic Load Balancing is essential for efficient distribution of connection requests to the least loaded servers when deploying networks of multiple edge servers.


The Dynamic Load Balancing AddOn for Wowza Streaming Engine supports redirection over HTTP, RTMP, and RTSP protocols to edge servers that have available bandwidth or connections. It also supports geographic load balancing so that clients are redirected to available edge servers in specific geographic regions.


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StreamLock Network Security

Wowza StreamLock AddOn was created as an easier way to securely stream video using RTMPS. Wowza StreamLock AddOn provides near-instant provisioning of FREE 2048-bit SSL certificates, greatly simplifying streaming using the RTMPS protocol. StreamLock-provisioned certificates provide the best security when used with RTMP, but are also used for secure HTTP streaming (HTTPS).


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Stream Name Alias

The Stream Name Alias AddOn provides a way for users to remap stream names or to allow access to only specific stream names. It also provides a simple mechanism to map complex remote URLs to simple stream names by using wildcards and variables.


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Flash RTMP Load Test Tool

The Flash RTMP Load Test Tool can be used to generate RTMP load on a single server that's running Wowza Streaming Engine™ software to test configuration and performance. This tool is designed to create a linear load on a single media server for basic load testing purposes and does not simulate real world streaming. This tool does not support HTTP streams.


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Wowza Module Collection

The Wowza Module Collection is a collection of ready-to-use modules and utilities that provide specific functionality for a Wowza-based application.


The modules in the collection are already compiled, so Java experience isn’t required. However, the source code is also provided for all of the modules to allow easy modification for specific use cases.


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