Wowza Streaming Engine Features

Any Media to Any Device, Anywhere

Multi-Protocol, Multi-Client Delivery Wowza Streaming Engine Feature

Multi-Protocol, Multi-Client Delivery

Save time and money by using a single live stream to simultaneously deliver live video and audio streams to any player, any device, over any protocol.
Live Streaming from Any Encoder Wowza Streaming Engine Feature

Live Streaming from Any Encoder

Use the best encoding solution for your needs, from free software-based RTMP encoders to broadcast-grade MPEG-TS hardware.
Live Streaming from IP Cameras Wowza Streaming Engine Feature

Live Streaming from IP Cameras

Broadcast directly from H.264 IP cameras to connected devices, record live streams for instant DVR or later on-demand playback.
Support for the Latest Standards Wowza Streaming Engine Feature

Support for the Latest Standards

Deliver streams using popular formats like Apple HLS as well as emerging formats as they come on the market, including MPEG-DASH.
On-the-Fly Transcoding for compatibility across all devices and bandwidths

On-the-Fly Transcoding

Transcoding means re-encoding one video/audio file format into another and converting one bitrate/resolution into another for compatibility across all devices and bandwidths. Transcoding with Wowza™ technology lets you refine your live encoding and streaming workflow:


  • Use multiple bitrates to reach devices with lower processing power & bandwidth.
  • Avoid up-front costs with unlimited transcoding and pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Convert between formats to deliver appropriate streams to each device.


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Flexibility and Control

Live, Linear, and On-Demand Streaming Feature

Live, Linear, and On-Demand Streaming

Create live, linear, or on-demand streaming applications such as live events, news, surveillance, training, and on-demand videos.
PTZ Camera Controls Feature

PTZ Camera Controls

Control the pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality of certain Sony and Axis IP (network) cameras.
Robust REST and Java APIs Feature

Robust REST and Java APIs

Configure, manage and monitor custom integrations and implement custom modules.
Multiple-Language Support to Reach Global Audiences

Multiple-Language Support

Reach global audiences with video streams that allow viewers to select the audio or captioning from multiple languages.
Live and VOD Caption Conversion Feature

Live and VOD Caption Conversion

Deliver live and on-demand videos with captions that support multiple scenarios and comply with FCC regulations.
Multiple Deployment Options to Find What's Best for Your Organization

Multiple Deployment Options

Choose from a variety of deployment options to find what's best for your organization. Retain control of video and audio content whether it's hosted on your dedicated on-premises servers, on cloud-managed instances, or in world-class third-party data centers.


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Live Stream Recording and Archiving for Later On-Demand Playback

Live Stream Recording and Archiving

Record a live stream to a file available for later on-demand playback. Record an entire live webcast into a single file, segment it into multiple files for chapter replay, or start and stop recording at predetermined points for partial archiving.


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Engaging Viewer Experiences

Engaging Viewer Experiences such as Live Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Live Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Provide the best possible quality for each viewer by adjusting video stream delivery in real time according to viewers’ varying CPU and bandwidth using live adaptive bitrate streaming.
Engaging Viewer Experiences such as Surround-Sound Audio

Surround-Sound Audio

Create the ultimate immersive experience with surround-sound audio.
Engaging Viewer Experiences such as Pause, Replay, Fast-Forward, & More

Pause, Replay, Fast-Forward, & More

Create a premium viewing experience by leveraging capabilities such as pause, play, instant replay, rewind, and fast-forward, using Wowza nDVR.

High Performance and Scalability

Dynamic Content Retrieval

Scale on-demand streaming by dynamically retrieving content from a web server or network file system.

Origin Serving

Scale live and on-demand streaming across large regions and audiences by using Wowza Streaming Engine as an origin server for CDNs and more.

Connection Management

Automatically disconnect idle clients to clear inactive connections.

Live Stream Distribution

Use Stream Targets to scale and add redundancy to your live streaming workflow. Send an incoming live source stream to the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service, third-party CDNs, YouTube, etc.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Maximize performance by dynamically balancing connection loads among multiple Wowza Streaming Engine instances.

Multicast and Unicast Streaming

Make effective use of enterprise networks with unicast streaming across a multi-server public or private network, or multicast streaming across large, colocated groups of viewers on private networks.

What's New in Version 4.5

Stream Targets Enhancements New Feature in Version 4.5

Stream Targets Enhancements

Easily stream to Facebook Live, SHOUTcast and Icecast
Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Camera

Panasonic PTZ Camara Integration

Easily stream video from Panasonic® AW-series PTZ cameras and AJ-series cameras
Generic Apple HLS Targets

Deliver Apple HLS to Generic Stream Targets

Deliver Apple HLS chunks to generic destinations for management or manipulation
Works with what you have

SNMP Monitoring Support

Wowza Streaming Engine supports integration with SNMP monitoring applications

Multiple Levels of Content Security

All-Around Protection for Content Security

All-Around Protection

Have confidence that your streams, networks, and audio and video assets are secure.

  • AES-128, studio-approved DRM
  • Link protection
  • StreamLock™ SSL certification for RTMPS and HTTPS streams
  • Authenticated connections

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Studio-Approved Digital Rights Management for Content Security

Studio-Approved Digital Rights Management

Meet studio security requirements with integrated third-party DRM key-management services.

  • BuyDRM™ KeyOS™ for Microsoft PlayReady protection for MPEG-DASH (using Common Encryption), Apple HLS, and Smooth Streaming
  • EZDRM for Microsoft PlayReady protection for Smooth Streaming
  • Verimatrix for VCAS and Microsoft PlayReady protection for HLS and Smooth Streaming

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