Banish Outmoded Media Servers & Go Flash-Free

Switch to Wowza Streaming Engine software

Modern protocols to reach all devices & leave Flash in the past


Future-Proof, Flexible Streaming You Can Count On

Tired of worrying about security holes, video quality, and obsolete technology? Make the switch to Wowza Streaming Engine. It's future-proof media server software that powers streaming for the world—with more than 19,000 customers—and supports all modern formats, protocols, and security measures. 

Support for the Latest Standards

Join the #flashfree movement. Deliver streams using modern formats such as Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH, plus HTML5 video, to reach every device.

Easy & Free to Test

Download a free trial and see for yourself how a Wowza deployment can simplify your streaming workflow.

Multi-Protocol, Multi-Client Delivery

Save time and money by using a single live stream to simultaneously deliver live video and audio streams to any player and any device, over any protocol.

Responsive, Expert Technical Support

Worldwide technical support is included with all free trials and all active monthly subscriptions.

Transcoding for Adaptive Bitrates

Use prebuilt transcoding templates or deep customization options to deliver the best possible quality based on each user's bandwidth.

Wowza Is All about Streaming

Choose a partner that's in it for the long haul. Streaming isn’t a side project for Wowza; it’s our only focus. Our 19,000+ streaming customers tell the story.

Why Build with Wowza

  • 19,000 customers
  • In more than 170 countries
  • Across 6 continents

Get the Most from Wowza with Customized Coaching

Your Free Hour of Customized Coaching

Switch to Wowza Streaming Engine software now and get an hour of free scheduled time with our streaming experts to get off on the right foot with your Wowza Streaming Engine subscription. We'll cover your choice of topics, such as the following.

  • Transitioning from your current media server to Wowza Streaming Engine
  • End-to-end workflow planning
  • On-premises or cloud deployment
  • Scaling & load balancing
  • Security
  • Playback & adaptive bitrate streaming
  • On-demand streaming
  • Live streaming & recording
  • Transcoding
  • nDVR (instant replay, pause, etc.)
  • Live event planning & execution