Video, Audio, and Rock 'n' Roll: Live-Streaming with Wowza + Microsoft Azure

Deploying Wowza™ software with Microsoft Azure means quickly scaling your streaming solution and delivering high-quality content, every time.


The benefits of deploying Wowza Streaming Engine™ on Azure include the following:

  • Build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers
  • Build applications using any language, tool, or framework
  • Integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment
  • Take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and additional capabilities of Azure to provide powerful media streaming to any device


In this webinar, Lutful Khandker from Azure and Ryan Jespersen from Wowza walked through a live demonstration of how to stream with Wowza Streaming Engine on Azure and highlighted

  • How Azure and Wowza technologies work together
  • A real-life scenario of how the solution is used to stream content from car races to music videos
  • Best practices in streaming
  • Questions from attendees, with answers from the experts

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Wowza Streaming Engine is a $65/month subscription. That includes the license and support. In the future, Microsoft will be offering an option to purchase directly from them on an hourly basis. Today you must buy the license from Wowza.

Q: What is lowest latency that can be achieved for HLS live streaming, or MPEG DASH? It seems latency is quite a problem for HLS live streaming, especially bad for DASH. We have many users concerned with Flash support going away.
A: We have an article that describes how to configure Apple HLS to achieve lower latency: If you encode with 1 second keyframe frequency, and set cupertinoChunkDurationTarget to "1000" you get very low latency for HLS. Not as low as RTMP, but still relatively low.

Q: What player are they using at
A: Music Choice uses JW Player, but there are a lot of different players that support adaptive bitrate streaming.

Q: Can I deploy Wowza with Azure for free?
A: There are some options to get a trial for both. We have trial keys where you can test and work with Azure to create a test-drive environment for the compute. Eventually, though, Wowza will have a cost to it on top of the Azure compute. It is currently $65/month for a subscription and once available to buy from Microsoft, it will have an hourly model as well.

Q: Can Wowza take in MPEG-TS directly from cameras?
A: Yes! Not only can we take it in, but deliver it as well.

Q: How does Wowza differ from Azure media services?
A: Primarily the difference is in terms of formats that we support for streaming. We support some formats that AMS does not. We do, however, look to partner with AMS frequently in situations where we cover ground that they don't. We also look to interoperate with their CDN platform.

Q: Does the DVR functionality also support scrubbing?
A: Yes, the Wowza nDVR capabilities allow you to “scrub” as well as pause/rewind. For more information:

Q: Does Azure CDN support RTMP?
A: Yes, Wowza Streaming Engine and Azure CDN support RTMP delivery.