Live Sports Streaming: Reduce Costs, Improve Monetization, and Drive Engagement

Tens of thousands of events are streamed every year – but are these live sports streams having an impact? By implementing new streaming technologies, sports producers can take the first step down a path toward reducing costs & complexity and creating paths for revenue generation & fan engagement.


Join sports video consultant Brian Ring of Ring Digital llc, Ryan Jespersen, Training Manager at Wowza Media Systems, and Carlos Perez, VP of Business Development at Wowza, as they examine collegiate sports as a case study in the live streaming sports industry.

In this video, you will learn:  

  • Two initiatives that’ll have the biggest strategic impact on your strategy
  • Why cloud streaming is a silver bullet for your workflow
  • The surprising way that live video streaming will solve the #1 pain point at stadiums everywhere
  • How to optimize the Cloud to stream live sports in any environment to any device
  • New uses for IP cameras to increase fan engagement and revenue streams

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