Streaming Video in Mission-Critical Applications: Wowza + Epiphan

As video becomes pervasive in many industries, such mission critical activities as telemedicine and command-and-control centers have incorporated video as a tool to increase efficiency and operations.


Learn how video has been incorporated in telemedicine, allowing healthcare professionals to provide services without having to be on-site.

Find out how command centers have set up multi-camera displays to provide top-notch surveillance, and in the case of emergency services, provide critical information before tactical personnel even arrive on-scene.

Join video leaders Epiphan and Wowza Media Systems as they discuss example video architectures that support mission critical operations both remotely and in-network, and best practices in video streaming. 

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn best practices in video set-up and streaming
  • Explore two example use cases:
    • Telemedicine (remote set-up)
    • Command and Control Centers (in-network set-up)