Wowza Advisory Services

Get one-on-one training and advice from a Wowza expert:

  • Streaming basics
  • Architecture and streaming workflow
  • Setup, installation, and software upgrades
  • Advanced configuration, optimization, and scalability

Professional Advice

Evaluation of your media-streaming setup, including a customized action plan and recommendations.

Who Should Participate?

Both new and existing customers who want expert training and advice during setup to ensure success.

Global Coverage

Wowza Advisory Services sessions are conducted on the phone in English and available to customers worldwide.

Choose from our suggested sessions below or customize your own.

Session 1: Streaming Basics

This is recommended for individuals and organizations new to streaming and Wowza™ technology.


During this session we will review the basics of streaming, Wowza Streaming Engine™, and Wowza Streaming Cloud™, and discuss best practices and common workflows for your streaming needs.


You are not required to purchase Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud prior to signing up for this session. 

Session 2: Architecture & Workflow Review

Get professional help defining your streaming workflow

Work with experts to define the architecture and workflow for your streaming needs.
Review common workflows and best practices for your use case and industry.
Validate and optimize your existing streaming workflow and setup.
Get recommendations on formats, protocols, software, hardware and players.

Session 3: Setup, Installation & Upgrades

A Wowza specialist will walk you through the installation, upgrade, or configuration of your Wowza product(s).


Gain in-depth knowledge of our products' key capabilities, such as transcoding, DVR, DRM, multiple-language support, and dynamic overlays. We will also show you how to set up these features.


A free trial or purchase of Wowza Streaming Engine and/or Wowza Streaming Cloud is required prior to attending this session.

Session 4: Scalability & Optimization

Attend this session to learn how to do the following:


  • Scale your streaming solution to adapt to expanding audiences
  • Integrate Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud to create your own hybrid streaming solutions
  • Extend your reach to CDNs and video platforms

Schedule a Call to Learn More

Leverage the knowledge of our streaming experts to get off on the right foot with your Wowza technology deployment. We'll cover your choice of topics, such as the following:

  • Setup of Wowza technology
  • On-premises & cloud deployment
  • Live & on-demand streaming
  • End-to-end workflow planning
  • Scaling & load balancing
  • Playback & adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Security & recording
  • Transcoding
  • nDVR (instant replay, pause, etc.)
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