Amplify Your Satellite Media Tour With Wowza ClearCaster

May 7, 2018 by

Amplify your satellite media tour with wowza clearcaster

If you’re a well-known news or TV personality; a celebrity promoting your latest project; a touring author; the inventor of a cool new product; or a subject-matter expert lending your voice to current events or gift guides, you probably use satellite media tours (SMTs) to reach dozens of markets around the country at the same time. But what if you could take this a step further, and reach audiences of unlimited size around the world?

Now you can. Facebook Live and other streaming video platforms are an exciting avenue for engaging viewers and growing your brand like never before. With the Wowza ClearCaster™ appliance, you can add a live digital “stop” to the world’s largest online audiences when doing your SMT.

Engage More Viewers Faster With Facebook Live

When you’re promoting your product, giving expert guidance or building your brand, you need your segments broadcast over all possible channels, with as little friction as possible—not just to TV networks and affiliates, but also to online destinations.

Facebook Live offers unique opportunities for audience engagement that terrestrial channels simply can’t provide. It allows online viewers to submit questions, comments and reactions during a live stream, and for on-air hosts to respond in real time. This creates a compelling interactive experience that builds authenticity and trust among existing followers, while raising awareness with new ones. (Read more about the advantages of this exciting platform, and tips and tricks for using it, in the Wowza Ultimate Guide to Facebook Live Streaming.)

Live Streaming Control Room

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way to syndicate segments or broadcast bonus content to Facebook Live and other streaming platforms directly from the studio where you’re shooting your SMT. ClearCaster provides this and more, solving common problems with equipment, setup and integration and offering features for better connecting with followers and fans online.

ClearCaster Makes the Whole World Your Studio Audience

When addressing a traditional broadcast market, you can engage directly with on-screen talent and producers to answer questions specific to each audience in your SMT. But when you’re hosting a live, online segment, you need the same level of communication to answer questions in real time from digital audiences that demand interactivity.

The Wowza ClearCaster appliance makes this easy and seamless. When you connect a monitor to the appliance, the Talent View functionality allows you to see exactly what your followers see, exactly when they see it. Simply position this monitor next to your teleprompter or other notes, and you can use the Talent View to interact with audiences as easily as with segment hosts.

Comments are displayed in real time, so you can get instant feedback and respond to questions. Emoji-based “Live Reactions” float across the display, allowing you to see what makes followers laugh, gasp or get angry, and gauge your broadcast accordingly. It’s like having the entire world as your studio audience.

You can even choose between two different Talent View displays, depending how front-and-center you want feedback to be:

Wowza Clearcaster Facebook Live comment view

Comment View layout of Talent View

Wowza ClearCaster Facebook Live camera view

Camera View layout of Talent View

Since ClearCaster supports closed captioning, your live streams will not only meet broadcast accessibility requirements, but can also better capture the attention of online users who scroll through their feeds with the sound off. You can also broadcast in square video format to better engage users on mobile devices.

Want to live stream to multiple online channels? Thanks to integration with the Wowza Streaming Cloud™ service, Wowza ClearCaster allows you to simulcast streaming to your website, YouTube Live and other favorite destinations in just a few clicks of the mouse, after an easy one-time setup. In this way, you can reach your viewers wherever they are and maximize viewership for your segment.

Build Your Brand With Live Video Assets

Every time you start streaming on Facebook, your followers will receive a notification that you’re live, so they can catch the action in real time. In this way, they’re never more than a click of the mouse or a tap of their finger away from being actively engaged with your brand.

Unlike SMT segments, which typically air once and are never seen again, Facebook Live videos are saved on your profile as recorded assets. This allows you to amplify the power of your live streams by reaching broader number of viewers over time. Even after your Facebook broadcast ends, your followers will get a notification on their home screen that you were previously live, so they can easily navigate to the video. Consider adding advertising, and promote the video in future posts to keep followers engaged and keep content relevant for days, weeks or months.

If you take advantage of the simulcast feature, you can reach audiences at multiple online destinations at the same time. This helps further extend viewership possibilities by taking advantage of established audiences on your website and favorite online services in addition to Facebook Live. You can always drive traffic back to your original post by offering exclusive interactive options, such as live Q&As or giveaways.

Not only does this give followers who missed the live stream a chance to watch, it also allows you to leverage the power of shareability when your followers distribute the video to their own networks. According to Facebook, live videos that are saved in posts as VOD (video on demand) reach a larger audience than videos that were only posted as recorded assets, since they are tagged as “User X was live” in news feeds and notifications.

Start Broadcasting in Seconds With ClearCaster

Wowza ClearCaster puts all these capabilities right at your fingertips. It’s the easiest and most reliable way to syndicate your SMT content to Facebook Live and other online channels, or to offer exclusive content to your online followers and grow your brand. Less than three minutes for one initial setup is all it takes to harness the power of the world’s largest audiences on social media.

With ClearCaster, there’s no complex streaming technology to figure out or equipment to configure. Just plug the device into your network; complete a one-time registration; pair it with your Facebook account; connect an external monitor for the Talent View—and that’s it. You can start and stop new live streams in seconds using the Facebook user interface you’re already familiar with, and there’s no need to reconfigure the device every time.

And by performing an easy one-time configuration of your simulcast destinations, you can deliver to any online platform by simply selecting your targets from a drop-down menu within the ClearCaster Manager user interface.

Wowza ClearCaster Workflow

ClearCaster was developed in collaboration with Facebook, so it’s purpose-built to work every time. Leave the device plugged in, and it will automatically update, so you always have the latest and greatest that Facebook Live has to offer. And if you do happen to run into problems, three years of hardware and software maintenance and support are included with every ClearCaster purchase, so help is always a phone call, chat or email away.

Wowza ClearCaster is the easiest and most reliable solution for streaming syndication on Facebook Live and other destinations. Just plug it in, and you can amplify the power of your SMT segments beyond your wildest imagination. Learn more about ClearCaster, or subscribe to our blog to read all the latest updates on streaming technology.