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As Wowza’s director of developer relations, I’m eager to provide an update on how my team has been working behind the scenes to support the developer community during COVID-19. We’re excited to announce that a new Wowza Community Forum experience and is finally here for you to enjoy!

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Wowza’s Developer Relations (DevRel) team is made up of individuals dedicated to community, documentation, and advocacy — all coming together under a single goal of improving the developer experience. We are the voice of the developer, committed to championing our developer community because we know you don’t want to fight with our APIs; you just want to build your solution. We get it and we’re listening.

We’ve heard a lot of feedback — both internally and externally — and decided it was time to make a move to a new community forum platform. After a soft launch on September 10, we’ve seen both new and experienced Wowza developers looking for guidance, troubleshooting, and collaboration. In fact, we saw three times the number of posts that we usually see over this past weekend!

Clearly, this was a positive and exciting move that has already been well received.


DevRel and Community and COVID, Oh My!

Due to event cancellations and social distancing mandates, the DevRel team has ceased in-person activities indefinitely, which means we haven’t been able to collect that in-person feedback that is so critical to the developer relations feedback cycle. Instead, we’ve shifted to utilizing online platforms and activities to solicit that precious feedback.

This includes elevating the Wowza Community Forums to a platform that isn’t just a public support Q&A, but also a place to discuss feature requests, feedback, and best practices. We’ll be introducing polls, tutorials, ‘ask me anything’, and other new ways to interact and influence product roadmaps.

Can we do everything you ask immediately? No. But what we can do is collect your feedback into a comprehensive “this is what the community wants and prioritizes” logbook. These efforts will enable us to continuously hone the developer experience — and better serve you.

Looking for a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our new and improved Wowza Community Forums? Check out this post from Rose Power, our senior community manager.

To stay even more in the know, you can follow categories and tags too. After signing in, click the category or tag and find the bell icon in the right corner, under the header. You’ll see options for how you can elect to follow that particular category or tag. Alternatively, every URL can be converted into an RSS feed by adding `.rss` to the end.

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We hope to see you in the Wowza Community Forums! Get started today by logging into your Wowza account, navigating to the Forums, and adding an avatar so we can really “see” you. Your participation in our thriving community is beneficial for everyone.


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About Amara Graham

Amara is the director of developer relations at Wowza. Before her step into developer relations, she served as an enterprise web application developer focused on line-of-business applications and assisting developers across various teams on implementing proprietary and open-source solutions. Amara is passionate about UX, technical communities (both online and offline), and excited to see where advances in AI take us. In her spare time, she experiments in the kitchen and plays console video games.