Announcing New Tech Alliance CDN Partner, Fastly

Fastly, the only real-time content delivery network, is the newest Wowza Tech Alliance partner. Although this marks the start of the official partner relationship, we have worked together for quite some time. In fact, last fall Wowza and Fastly both participated in a content distribution panel at the Media Solutions day hosted by Google Cloud Platform. Many organizations are already using the Wowza and Fastly solutions together, so it made sense for us to formally partner to give our joint customers a much tighter integration.

Our new partnership brings together two industry-leading solutions to empower enterprise customers to streamline their live-streaming workflows and deliver the best possible user experience. Wowza offers robust transcoding capabilities that enable customers to easily transform a single live feed into multiple representations, or renditions, of any HTTP streaming format. Fastly can then securely accelerate the delivery of any stream rendition to minimize playback interruptions that often lead to frustrated end users. And since Fastly provides full control and visibility into services, customers can make iterative enhancements over time, which improves business agility.

For Wowza and Fastly customers, this new partnership means that with one click within Wowza Streaming Cloud, streams can be automatically pulled into Fastly’s network for rapid, scalable delivery around the world.

We at Wowza are excited to officially call Fastly a Tech Alliance partner, and we look forward to hearing success stories from customers who use Wowza technology with Fastly.

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