Announcing: Real-Time Streaming at Scale for Wowza Video

September 22, 2021 by
A tablet, laptop, and computer monitor showing a real-time streaming broadcast of a live sporting event.

Did you know that the majority of streaming content distributors are looking to achieve real-time delivery to audiences of 300+ viewers? In a recent Wowza survey, 57% of respondents indicated that they desired sub-one-second latency for their live streaming workflows. Despite this, most are still experiencing a delay in the 3-45 second range.  

The need for lightning-fast video delivery has never been so strong. And luckily, Wowza has a solution. 

I’m excited to announce the release of Real-Time Streaming at Scale for Wowza Video, a new feature that ensures sub-500ms delivery to viral audiences — with on-demand availability. 

For applications ranging from gambling and bidding to gaming and sports, there’s simply no room for lengthy delays. Interactive workflows and high-stakes broadcasts keep pushing latency requirements lower. Today’s broadcasters also need reliability and quality, without sacrificing audience size. 

We designed our Real-Time Streaming at Scale feature to answer these needs, thereby ensuring a time-synchronized experience across the globe. Our platform instantly scales to accommodate even the biggest surprises. Plus, broadcasters benefit from smooth video delivery, no matter where viewers are tuning in from. 


Features and Benefits 

Although the combination of low latency and scale used to be unattainable, Real-Time Streaming at Scale brings you the best of both worlds. The new feature deploys WebRTC across a custom CDN to provide near-limitless scale. By providing the flexibility to stream via any encoder, browser-based capture, or our custom OBS integration enhanced for Real-Time Streaming at Scale, the technology satisfies a range of workflows requiring these capabilities. 

A workflow showing Real-Time Streaming at Scale for Wowza Video

What’s the point of reaching end-users quickly when you’re limited to a handful of viewers? With Real-Time Streaming at Scale, broadcasters can stream to a million viewers in less than half a second. The service also scales to unpredictable audiences — meaning that when your video blows up, your infrastructure won’t. 

Here are the brass tacks: 

  • Sub-500ms live interactive streaming 
  • Delivery to a million viewers  
  • On-demand availability 
  • Encoder agnostic, with flexibility to broadcast produced content through an encoder or architect a browser-based solution. 
  • Globally available 
  • Can be combined with Wowza Professional Services for additional customization 

Watch Real-Time Streaming at Scale in Action 

In this demo, Wowza sales engineers Andrew Ramberg and Tim Dougherty provide an overview of the service, walk through how it works, and discuss the three different workflows available to our customers. 


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say 

“At DocTutorials, we live stream interactive lectures to audiences of varying sizes, causing unpredictable scaling needs. Low-latency streaming is critical to satisfy the back-and-forth nature of our workflow, but achieving this became a struggle when our broadcasts exceeded 300 viewers. 

Wowza’s Real-Time Streaming at Scale feature was the perfect solution. We’re now able to offer interactive video with less than a second of latency, allowing students to chat and interact in real time — regardless of whether 500 or 1,000 students are watching.” 

Karteek Routh
Director of Operations and Product Development 

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