Announcing: Real-Time Streaming at Scale for European Customers

Wowza Video’s Real-Time Streaming at Scale brings the ultra-low latency power of WebRTC to a wider audience using a dynamically scalable workflow. Since its initial release a year ago, Real-Time Streaming at Scale has reliably provided low-latency, adaptive, and high-quality streams to Wowza customers with a variety of workflow needs.   

We designed Real-Time Streaming at Scale for broadcasts where interactivity is essential to the viewing experience, such as live sports, fitness, education, healthcare, and retail. The service also scales to accommodate unpredictable audiences, so if your video blows up, your infrastructure won’t. That means if you are looking to connect more intentionally with your audience, then we designed this with you in mind. And now, more of our customer base can enjoy these benefits.   

We are excited to announce that with the introduction of a new Point of Presence (POP), Europe can now find out how low latency broadcasting through Wowza can bolster their business and bring them closer to their customer base.   


What This Means for Your Business 

In short, you can enjoy all the benefits of sub-second latency WebRTC but without the limitations of the original out-of-the-box solution. Wowza’s Real-Time Streaming at Scale workflow and expansive CDN make this technology dynamically scalable so not only can you reach a larger audience, but you can also adapt your stream for unexpected audience sizes.  

A workflow showing Real-Time Streaming at Scale for Wowza Video

With this workflow, reach your end users, be they one or one million, in less than half a second. By providing the flexibility to stream via any encoder, browser-based capture, or our custom OBS integration enhanced for Real-Time Streaming at Scale, the technology satisfies a range of workflows requiring these capabilities.  


  • Sub-500ms live interactive streaming 
  • Scale up to a million viewers  
  • On-demand and global availability  
  • Encoder agnostic (i.e., broadcast from a webcam or broadcast produced content through an encoder) 
  • Wowza Professional Services can provide additional support and customization 

But Don’t Take Our Word For It 

In this demo, Wowza sales engineers Andrew Ramberg and Tim Dougherty provide an overview of the service, walk through how it works, and discuss the three different workflows available to our customers.  


“At DocTutorials, we live stream interactive lectures to audiences of varying sizes, causing unpredictable scaling needs. Low-latency streaming is critical to satisfy the back-and-forth nature of our workflow, but achieving this became a struggle when our broadcasts exceeded 300 viewers. 

Wowza’s Real-Time Streaming at Scale feature was the perfect solution. We’re now able to offer interactive video with less than a second of latency, allowing students to chat and interact in real time — regardless of whether 500 or 1,000 students are watching.” 

Karteek Routh
Director of Operations and Product Development 

Take Advantage of Low-Latency Broadcasting 

Ready to reach your audience in real-time? Enjoy access to our CDN, streamlined workflow, and accompanying professional expertise. Let Wowza Video’s Real Time Streaming at Scale solution bring you and your audience closer together. After all, we are the solution you start with and the partner you scale with.  


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