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Building With Modules Part 2: How People Use Them

April 26, 2017

Whether you’re a first-time module builder or you’ve been at it for years, we’ve compiled some useful information on how others in the industry are doing it. This is Part 2 in a two-part series on extending Wowza Streaming Engine using server-side Java modules.

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Set Up, Manage, and Monitor Your Live Streams with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

August 5, 2016

From configuring to tuning, deploying server software can be a headache. That’s why we built Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, a browser-based user interface for Wowza Streaming Engine software that gives you full control. Within the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, you can set up, manage, and monitor your server and streaming applications from any device, anywhere. Watch our video walkthrough and read more.

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10 Tips for Live-Streaming a Graduation

April 21, 2016

Another year has passed and graduation season is upon us again. While students and faculty prepare for closing ceremonies, media-services departments scramble in preparation for the biggest event of the year. Here are ten tips to help you not only successfully stream your event, but also create an engaging experience for your viewers.

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4 Common Software Deployment Scenarios for Live Video Streaming

April 5, 2016

While every streaming architecture has unique elements, we find that media server deployment decisions often come back to a few common considerations: audience size, audience location, resources, ease of deployment, and network constraints. This post articulates four common deployment scenarios for streaming server software such as Wowza Streaming Engine. If you aren’t yet sure whether you need a streaming solution based on DIY software or a managed cloud service, you may want to download our deployment decision guide, which outlines how to find the streaming media infrastructure that fits you best. If you already know you need a self-managed soft

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Common Live Encoding Workflows for Live Event Streaming

January 14, 2015

When it comes to live streaming, everyone is trying to achieve the same goal: deliver high- quality video to every device. Unfortunately, the industry lacks a universally adopted streaming protocol, which means if you are serious about reaching all devices, you must create multiple streams to optimize for desktop and mobile environments. Add in the desire for adaptive streaming, and a live event producer can easily be required to produce 10+ output streams for a single event.

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