Set Up, Manage, and Monitor Your Live Streams with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

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From configuring to tuning, deploying server software can be a headache. That’s why we built Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, a browser-based user interface for Wowza Streaming Engine software that gives you full control. Within the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, you can set up, manage, and monitor your server and streaming applications from any device, anywhere. Whether your server is deployed on premises or in the cloud, you can securely access your infrastructure. Watch our video to familiarize yourself with Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and continue below the video to read about the common capabilities accessed via the user interface.

Navigating Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

To learn more about navigating Wowza Streaming Engine Manager, check out our beginner’s guide to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

Setting Up Streaming Applications

Use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to create a live or video-on-demand (VOD) “application” for any event or content that you want to broadcast. Create single-server or origin-server applications, edge applications, or HTTP origin applications, depending on the size and scale of your broadcast and the types of playback you want to support.

To simplify application creation even more, specify default settings and properties that apply to all of your streaming applications, such as creating SMIL files for adaptive bitrate streaming. Then, customize or refine these settings for individual applications.

For any application, you can…

  • Record live streams to VOD files for archiving and later playback
  • Preview and test playback for supported browsers and devices
  • Customize SMIL files to transcode content and enable adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Customize security settings to keep control over your content
  • Enable nDVR to enable instant replay and slow-motion playback

Managing Your Streams

With Wowza Streaming Engine Manager you can also configure a wide variety of security options as well as perform a host of administrative tasks, including…

  • Establish secure logins and administrative permissions for managing license keys
  • Secure content with RTMP and RTSP publisher authentication, SSL and AES 128 encryption servers, and Wowza SecureToken single-use key and password protection
  • Replace complex stream names with descriptive aliases
  • Manage IP addresses and port-based virtual-hosting environments
  • Configure Media Cache for scaling VOD streaming over edge-server deployments

Monitoring Your Server

You can also use Wowza Streaming Engine Manager to monitor resources for any individual application in real time or historically.

  • Monitor CPU, memory, Java heap, and disk usage for Wowza Streaming Engine
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing connections, network throughput, and up-time at the server, virtual host, and application levels

And although Wowza Streaming Engine optimizes itself to make the most of available hardware resources when it starts up, you can also fine-tune performance settings for your Wowza Streaming Engine environment.

And that’s just getting started. Wowza Streaming Engine software is built to handle any streaming workflow and easily integrate into your infrastructure. If you’re interested in learning more about streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine, check out some of our other educational blog posts:

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