Live Stream from IP Cameras with Wowza

March 11, 2015 by

So you want to live stream to the web? And you want to make it affordable, feature-rich, reliable, secure, and simple to setup and operate? 

The answer: IP cameras. 

An Internet protocol camera, also known as a network or remote camera, is a type of digital video camera that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.

Why is it affordable?

For many events where an on-site camera operator is cost-prohibitive, having a remote-controlled pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) IP camera with built-in H.264/AAC encoding can be a great way to provide live coverage at a venue. Wowza product managers, Mike Talvensaari and Philipp Angele, presented at the IBC “Content Everywhere” event last year in Amsterdam, and the camera operator was able to control the PTZ functionality of multiple IP cameras in real time and switch between them to produce a professional live stream. One of our customers in Denmark is using a similar approach, but from a remote location using multiple IP cameras to produce live streams for local government sessions.

A Typical Workflow for IP Camera Streaming

Why is it simple?

Video streaming is complicated, with multiple protocols, formats, playback devices, and technical challenges. Wowza Streaming Engine media server software simplifies streaming by ingesting your IP camera’s live video stream, transcoding it, and then reliably delivering it in multiple formats at the highest quality to any connected device, anywhere. Using an IP camera simplifies your streaming workflow even further by combining the camera and encoder, eliminating the need for a separate encoder, and reducing the hardware involved in your workflow. 

The newest release of Wowza Streaming Engine, 4.1.2, added Sony and Axis IP cameras to the lineup of integrated publishers through the Works With Wowza program.

With additional integrated PTZ functionality planned for the near future, Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Streaming Cloud are the perfect solution for live streaming network video and audio.

How can I make it feature-rich?

Wowza Streaming Engine comes with a wealth of features to create the experience you want. Incorporating live stream recording and instant DVR features improves your on-demand and live playback. There is also support for closed captioning, multi-language audio and more.

How can I make it reliable?

The transcoding feature of Wowza Streaming Engine transforms incoming live streams from your IP camera to properly key-frame aligned H.264 streams for adaptive bitrate delivery to any device, anywhere. ABR streaming provides the best quality for each viewer by adjusting the video stream delivery in real time according to viewers’ varying CPU and bandwidth, reducing buffering and improving your viewers’ experience.

How can I make it secure?

Security on the web has never been more critical, and the need to protect streaming audio and video content is no exception. Wowza Streaming Engine offers security features for every part of the workflow. You can encrypt incoming and outgoing streams, require password authentication, limit who can publish to your server, restrict playback to specific IP addresses and much more.

All right, you’ve convinced me. How do I get started?

  1. Visit our Wowza products and choose which of our two products is right for you: Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Streaming Cloud. Both products allow you to sign up for a free trial and test your IP camera workflow.
  2. Visit our IP Camera Streaming section for more information.

  3. View the recording of the AXIS IP Camera webinar for a demo and overview of the IP camera workflow in Wowza Streaming Engine.

  4. For a step-by-step tutorial, view the “How to re-stream video from an IP camera” article on our Support Forum.