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Becca is a B2B content writer and copy editor based in North Carolina. When she's not writing about software, you can find her reading a book at a local coffee shop, snuggling with her pets on the couch, or birdwatching with her husband.

What Is a White-label Video Platform and Why Do Publishers Need One?

June 14, 2024

From lifestyle content to breaking news reports, digital media publishers upload countless videos online every day — and with good reason: they’re in high demand! Although someone may see a clip on Instagram or TikTok,…

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Six Digital Audience Development and Growth Tips for Publishers

May 30, 2024

Recent psychological studies have found that humans spend 47 seconds on any one computer screen before switching to another task, down from two and a half minutes in 2004. Between work assignments, emails, social media,…

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Video Streaming for Media Publishers: Empowering Your Content with Video

May 14, 2024

It’s all doom and gloom for traditional media publishers, or so many people think. After all, newspaper publishers’ revenue dropped by 52% between 2002 and 2020, coinciding with a major decrease in weekday circulation of…

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