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Based in Asheville, NC, Laurie Wherley is a passionate marketer, who is responsible for a variety of outbound activities including global events, social media, product marketing, and webinar creation. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Laurie traveling the globe, throwing down in the kitchen, or laying on a remote beach.

Wowza Wins 2020 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award

November 23, 2020

  For the 13th consecutive year, Wowza is proud to announce we have been awarded with a Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award. Wowza Media Systems was the winner in the Live Streaming Software category and…

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How to Live Stream Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Productions with Wowza Streaming Engine

November 9, 2020

  Learn how you can live stream virtual reality and 360-degree video using an Insta360 Pro 2 camera and Wowza Streaming Engine as your media server to convert an RTMP stream to HLS. We cover…

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Webinar: Low-Latency Delivery — LL-HLS vs. WebRTC

October 23, 2020

While a number of technologies seek to decrease the lag that occurs when streaming live video content over the internet, Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) and WebRTC are two of the most promising low-latency protocols available today.…

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How to Live Stream Virtual Reality and 360-Degree Productions with Wowza Video

October 15, 2020

  See how the seamless integration between virtual reality and 360-degree video technologies makes for a quick and easy end-to-end immersive video and audio experience for live events. We cover the basic workflow for live…

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Webinar: WebRTC Developer Tutorial 102

August 28, 2020

  Combining browser-based publishing with near real-time delivery, WebRTC has quickly become the technology of choice for interactive streaming. In this recording from part two of our WebRTC developer tutorial series, Wowza’s video engineers share an in-depth training…

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Webinar: Low Latency State of the Union 2020

August 21, 2020

  A subjective term, low latency describes a sub-five-second delay between when a video is captured and when it’s displayed on a viewer’s device. Emerging technologies for lightning-fast video delivery continue to gain traction — but…

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Webinar: Virtual Conference Streaming Success

July 23, 2020

  Virtual conferences and online events have become an essential part of our future. Global business travel remains at a complete halt due to the pandemic, with physical trade shows, large-scale events, and conferences delayed…

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Webinar: The Age of Virtual Health

June 5, 2020

  COVID-19 has accelerated the healthcare industry’s digital transformation. As providers attempt to triage and treat patients while practicing social distancing, virtual doctor visits have surged. Remote patient monitoring and the internet of medical things…

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Start Streaming to Facebook Live With ClearCaster

May 6, 2020

  Over the past few months, Facebook has seen record demand for its services. While most of the world remains in lockdown, users are consuming more content online — especially through live video and messaging.…

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Webinar: Streaming to Social in the Era of Social Distancing

April 17, 2020

  Adapting to the realities of COVID-19 is no easy task. With the virus now a global crisis, travel restrictions, limitations on mass gatherings, and reductions to in-person staff at many work environments are affecting…

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Webinar: Taking Your Events Online During a Worldwide Crisis

March 27, 2020

  2020 has been everything but predictable — with thousands of events being postponed and canceled globally. The impact on the economy alone exceeds billions in lost revenue, as the continued spread of coronavirus sends…

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