Best of NAB 2018 With Live X & Wowza: Top Streaming Trends

Best of NAB 2018 With Live X and Wowza: Top Streaming Trends


The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show covers the hottest tech, trends and topics in broadcasting: both in traditional over-the-air (OTA) and internet-based over-the-top (OTT) models. OTT played a bigger role than ever at the 2018 NAB Show, and Wowza covered it all during the Wowza Studio Sessions, which streamed to Facebook Live from the full production studio in our booth.

Missed the live sessions? Don’t worry—we’ve compiled the best of NAB 2018 with these recorded videos. Hosted by Rob Baynard and Aubrey Russell from Live X and the “Ready Take Live” show, along with the Wowza team, these discussions with cutting-edge companies and industry experts cover the latest trends in streaming media.


Customizing Your Live Streaming Platform

Stretch Internet, a Wowza Streaming Engine™ customer and streaming service provider, discusses how a one-of-a-kind streaming experience for sports broadcasters sets them apart from the competition.

Featuring: Chris Cross, Wowza; J.D. Fox, Stretch Internet


SRT: The Fastest-Growing Open-Source Streaming Project

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks. Wowza and Haivision talk about the the fastest-growing open-source streaming project, which is being adopted by streaming service providers and broadcasters alike.

Featuring: Barry Owen, Wowza; Peter Maag, Haivision


The Magic of Transcoding and Its Importance in Streaming

Charlie Good will explain what transcoding is (and isn’t), and why it might be critical for your streaming success—especially if you want to deliver adaptive streams to any device.

Featuring: Scott Kellicker, Wowza; Charlie Good, Wowza


Two ‘Regular Guys’ Talk Streaming With Amazon Web Services and Wowza

A conversation about how “regular guys” can use deep technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Wowza Streaming Engine to build custom streaming media solutions.

Featuring: Tim Dougherty, Wowza; Sean Przybilla, Amazon Web Services


Video Delivery Infrastructure: the Challenges of the Zettabyte Era

What to do with all this traffic? Streamroot joins Wowza to talk about building a video delivery infrastructure to meet the demands of the Zettabyte Era by leveraging peer-to-peer technology.

Featuring: Rob Baynard, Live X; Barry Owen, Wowza; Gautier Demond, Streamroot


Built to Build on: Wowza Streaming Engine & BlueFrame Technology

BlueFrame Technology discusses how they built their live sports platform, which allows schools and organizations without streaming experience to set up an easy-to-use workflow for broadcasting over difficult networks.

Featuring: Chris Cross, Wowza; Ben Kant, BlueFrame Technology


Talking Broadcast Codecs: When and Why to Use One Codec Over Another

A session about emerging trends in the codec market. Our panel of experts cover use cases and conditions where certain codecs work better than others; key considerations affecting supported codec choices; and what the future of codecs may hold.

Featuring: Barry Owen, Wowza; Tim Siglin, HelpMe! Stream; Chris Knowlton, BlueFrame Technology


From Zero to OTT: How Cheddar Grew Up Fast

Engineers at Cheddar discuss going from a small startup to live-linear viewing everywhere in just two years.

Featuring:Aubrey Russel, Live X; Ryan Gordon, Cheddar; Aaron Fulmer, Cheddar

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