Enterprise video platforms are expanding live streaming capabilities with Wowza

Look across enterprise, media, entertainment, and, of course, the consumer space—it's evident that live streaming is exploding. Use cases including webcasting, distance learning, live events of every flavor, and personal broadcasting are hitting the headlines. And inevitably, providers are working to build these capabilities into their offerings. Delivering live streaming well is easier said than done. Live is difficult. Complexities include managing bandwidth, formats, latency, and changing conditions.

Enterprise video platforms must also consider the many requirements of their particular segments as they look to innovate and address this product-development challenge. When building a streaming workflow, there's great opportunity in adopting and embracing market-leading streaming capabilities. That way businesses can focus core development on areas of unique enterprise differentiation—both today and in the future, as the streaming space continuously changes. 

This partnership trend is well underway, and we're seeing it here at Wowza. Wowza Media Systems powers or partners with more than 70 percent of the providers identified in Gartner’s Enterprise Video Content Management Magic Quadrant. One of those is enterprise video platform provider Qumu, which has worked closely with the Wowza team to extend its live transcoding functionality.

Qumu’s new Live Transform feature can ingest one or more incoming streams and deliver them in numerous new formats in real time—without lag. This feature, built on Wowza Streaming Engine software's transcoding capabilities, can also intake high-bitrate video files and transrate them to various lower bitrates to reach all audiences, regardless of the viewers' devices or bandwidth.

Delivering the best-possible-quality stream to any device, anywhere, is a game changer in today’s live-video boom. We are excited to be working with Qumu to improve live transcoding for its customers. 

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