Epic Smart Stadium: Game Streaming in the Palm of Your Hand

Epic Smart Stadium, by Epic Labs, is an end-to-end solution that delivers low-latency, live-streaming video to mobile devices for attendees of sporting events, concerts, conferences, festivals and more. Built on Wowza Streaming Engine software, Epic Smart Stadium uniquely enhances the experience for European football fans before, during and after live events. 


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Live and on-demand event streaming


Epic Seeks a Front-Row Seat for Every Football Fan

Live European football is extremely popular, and is broadcast around the world. However, many European football teams don’t own the rights to broadcast live game footage on video scoreboards. That means a fan sitting in the back row of the stadium may actually have less access to game coverage than a fan halfway around the world. Unless they’re close enough to see all the action, there’s no way to catch every play.

However, teams do have the rights to stream content in closed-circuit and local or wide area network (LAN or WAN) environments for VIP and premium users. That’s where Epic Smart Stadium comes in. It leverages Wowza Streaming Engine to deliver in-stadium, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) streaming for live and on-demand video—so every fan has a front-row seat. The service provides everything required to stream events, in high quality, to any LAN-, WAN- or internet-connected device.


Epic Labs and Wowza Put Streaming in the Palms of Fans’ Hands

Wowza and Epic Labs have worked together to build a solution that delivers live video to mobile devices throughout the stadium. Fans are no longer just passive viewers—with Epic Smart Stadium, they can also contribute and interact by leaving comments, posting media and more. 



Epic Smart Stadium provides:


An Immersive Fan Experience

The solution offers an interactive experience that keeps fans engaged and excited. New streaming possibilities can be unlocked, including:

  • Live video replays
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Changing-room and tunnel cameras
  • 360° and spidercam cameras
  • Live feeds and scoreboards from other games


Delivery to Any Screen in the Venue

Epic Smart Stadium delivers high-quality, low-latency live video throughout the venue to any screen, including mobile devices. It can be deployed using the stadium's WiFi hotspots, and even over 3G/4G connections (with user authentication).


Intelligent Video Delivery Within Congested Networks

The challenge of delivering live video to thousands of concurrent users is made easy through this software-defined, scalable solution based on Wowza Streaming Engine. 


Partnership With Wowza Brings New Business Opportunities

Immediately after partnering with Wowza in 2015, new opportunities for business growth opened up to Epic Labs. As a media innovation center, Epic Labs is leading internet video application initiatives that leverage partner and end-user technology. Accessing video on-site during events has been one of the most valuable collaborations using Wowza technology. 

Benefits Epic can now offer to its sports-club customers as a result of working with Wowza include:


Time-Synced Live Streams From Multiple Cameras

Live content from multiple cameras can be streamed and synchronized through the master event manager. As the game clock begins, all relevant streams captured by the TV production truck are time-coded to match the master signal.

epic smart stadium wowza workflow

More Secure Streaming

Using login encryption within the app, sports clubs ensure only people with the right access can view the live-streams.


New Advertising Revenue

Epic smart stadium mobile UI

Epic’s customers can create new revenue sources with unique advertising and sponsorship offerings. This allows them to improve the on-site sale of merchandise, food and drinks through the app user interface.


Enhanced Fan Experience

Adding interactivity to video redefines the experience for sports-club fans. Including surveys, calls-to-action, raffles and other features deepens engagement with both the game and the app itself.


Brand Experience

The app is an important part of the brand for Epic’s sports-club customers. Providing a world-class offering of exclusive content for fans helps improve the perception of each club.


Future-Proof Technology

Wowza technology is constantly evolving as the streaming industry advances. That’s what made the company a good partner for Epic Labs, which works on the verge of video innovation. Soon, this solution will also allow fans to contribute low-latency live videos, and connect them with team memberes and celebrities via their mobile device.


“Fans love the ability to access real-time live video and have control over their in-stadium experience. It’s just a question of time before this will become a standard in all stadiums and venues, and across all types of sports.” —Alfonso Peletier, founder and CEO at Epic Labs   

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