5 Benefits of Live Streaming Sports

Sports fans from little leagues to the majors all have one thing in common: supporting their team is imperative. Watching their favorite team regardless of location is crucial, and shouldn’t be restricted because they can’t attend live or aren’t near a TV. With university athletics, for example, this is often a hurdle that fans face because followings spread far and wide. This is where streaming can bridge the gap, allowing fans to never miss a goal, race or ace.

Wowza CEO, Dave Stubenvoll, was recently qutoed as saying, “Live streaming will continue to grow, particularly in live sporting events. Don’t miss out on streaming your live sporting event; check out some of the top benefits now.

Increased revenue for your organization

Allowing access from across the globe will build out a fan base that fosters the love of the game or the organization for multiple generations. Harnessing that loyalty for a team is crucial because it creates an engaged/loyal audience for the sport or the school. Most school sports are not shown at all, let alone live. Alumni, parents, fans, prospective students, and possible recruits can become engaged audiences. This also creates the ability to include sponsorships or short ads within your broadcasts that will bring in money for your team and organization. Pay per view is another way to bring in extra revenue.

Streaming to any device

Having the ability to reach fans on any screen is valuable because it doesn’t restrict fans’ viewing habits. Implementing sports broadcasting software that is compatible with virtually every format or device is something that will reduce frustration and encourage people to come back and watch live-streamed events again and again.

Reach audiences of any size

Most games or tournaments have a lot of unknowns as far as viewership goes. It’s often hard to estimate how many people will tune into each broadcast, or even for how long. Cloud streaming provides the flexibility to scale audiences as needed and deploy your streams from the cloud which will create reliable streams that can handle unpredictable viewership. This is also a useful way to go if your organization has limited streaming experience. Streaming in the cloud is often a way to save time and money.

Engage with fan base

Second screen-enhanced features enriches games, and gives people resources that they wouldn’t normally have, right at their fingertips. Providing real-time stats or trivia during the broadcast makes games interactive, and allows the audience to feel more connected to the team. Also, providing supplemental links for player bios or even to purchase tickets to the next game, will entice people to take the next steps to support their team, and also bring in more revenue.

Get Social Media Exposure

Spreading news through social channels is one of the most popular ways to gain exposure. Giving viewers the ability to share streams or highlights from a game is free advertising and something that could boost popularity.

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